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Not just an ordinary foreign marriage agency, claims to feature only the most attractive and stylish Ukrainian, Baltic and Russian girls who are seeking international relationships and marriage. It's free to register, additional services such as contacting women requires a monthly subscription.

CuteOnly is especially created for those interested in dating women from the countries of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova and other former USSR nation states.

Only the cutest?

As its name depicts, the site claims to keep profiles of only the most attractive females.

Members can search for a compatible match by country and include a number of details such as a preferred weight, height, religion and even zodiac sign. An in depth search criteria means members will be able to find a most compatible match.

Once this is done, a personal onsite email account can be used to get to know a prospective interest.

Direct contacts

What's good about is that it uses no mediators and allows male and female site members to contact each other directly. Unlike many foreign bride dating services, there are no recurring fees to use the email feature for contacting other people.

For verification, a short interview is performed with each female site member before their profile is allowed to be publicly posted. This does help to reduce scammers, though it's not 100% fool proof

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  • Avatar

    JayCanJanuary 28th, 2021

    Above average

    I have picked this site above all others because they make me feel secure from scammers and or women who are not sincere or serious in their effort to find a relationship. I have found it to be a trustworthy site who makes every effort to provide only credible serious contacts. They provide an excellent internal email service that is easy to use. All in all, I was well pleased with the entire experience I have had with cuteonly and have had many promising responses through them. If things do not work out for me in what I am doing now, I will return to this service without a doubt.
  • Avatar

    MikkelJuly 4th, 2019

    Below average

    A THUMBS DOWN DUE TO PAYMENT PROBLEM I have 2 debit cards plus a credit card all of which I use to buy goods or services on the internet. The credit card gets used weekly to buy services at a Marriage Agency so I know it works to Ukraine. However i am unable to pay for a membership subscription ("unable to authorize your card") despite trying several times on several days. I have contacted support but they haven't been able to help. The fact that 3 different cards don't work seems to point to some problem with their payment system or processor (paymentwall I think). In addition to the standard info they also want your postal code. This info request I have never seen on any website I have bought from. Is that the problem? Anyway I want to pay and despite several emails to support - no luck! I am just about ready to give up and go elsewhere. PS: My credit card company says there are no restrictions on my credit card and no record of an authorization request from CuteOnly!
  • Avatar

    Lance_4108August 4th, 2011


    I've actually had good luck with this site. Maybe I'm attractive and a successful young man and have met a lot of beautiful women with brains there. I spent 10k on with not much luck but for $30 bucks seriously? It's worth it if you're attractive and successful. Bottom line is you still need to offer something for women to want you they won't fall for a fat world of warcraft guy so you have to be realistic of your expectations. Make sense?
  • Avatar

    ClaudeAugust 30th, 2010

    Below average

    As a paying member on cuteonly, I find this dating site like many, not designed for couples to actually meet. I received many letters from women before I joined. The premise of dating sites is their bottom line. No statistics will be given on how much money this site or any dating site makes as opposed to people actually meeting. After joining and replying to letters, no response from any women. One told me she did not send letter to me I will think it was done by the site. This site is like Farmville, if they can get 10% of men to join, women pay nothing, do the math and it adds up to very much money. Russian women cannot speak English. Some have been on site over a year. Wasted my money did not renew. Had every intention of meeting Russian or Ukrainian women as the cultured way of life for women is much different than this country. I intimate no opinion on women on cute only site by the same token men are paying for nothing and cute only laughs all the way to the bank.
  • Avatar

    Robert_695February 27th, 2009


    Great, inexpensive online dating service to meet Russian women. All Russian girls are real! Contact as many Russian brides as you want. There are no limits! Feel free to exchange any contacts!


    Rob_3384February 17th, 2011


    Replied to Robert_695 @Robert Don't lie... this is scam website number 1 because most profiles are made by them selves...... They check woman if they are real? Yeh, to avoid competition scammers! I have for more than 3 years a account... waste of money... only met a few real women. 3.17 6 A review of Not just an ordinary foreign marriage agency, claims to feature only the most attractive and stylish Ukrainian, Baltic and Russian girls who are seeking international relationships and marriage.