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    Raj_3329February 5th, 2011


    Hi everybody, I am a Psych major who spends a lot of time initially becoming a free member and then using a small part of my allocated (research) budget to actually become a paid member on these online dating sites .... all as a part of a research project (The Psychology of Online Dating) I'm in the process of writing up. It's rather interesting.... have read the posts mentioned above and have to agree with the consensus of the majority regarding

    Would request you guys to spend a wee bit of time and try out a little experiment - check out as free members and see what similarities you find in the end-user interface with reference to (a) site navigation (b) payment/cancellation procedures (c) account info pages..... ha ha ha ..... they are absolutely identical.

    You guys are absolutely right in thinking that the vast majority of "female?" profiles are in fact fictitious. Those of you who are from India will be amazed to find that a number of these "hotties" seem to originate from a place called "Raisen" on both sites. Raisen does in fact exist but it is a small godforsaken town in the middle of nowhere in Central India, leave alone a hotbed for really sexy, bold and sexually starved girlies. The "intelligent" guys who I am now sure own, and run both, the cupid and benaughty domains should really do a bit more homework. Brushing up on local geography before creating and posting these rather alluring profiles..... ha ha ha.

    Meanwhile.... suckers there have always been and always will be... which is why these sites flourish! Cheers

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    ajay_3287January 27th, 2011


    Hi friends, I m Ajay form India. I joined cupid last month I paid 350 INR per month by credit card. After that have cheated me by doing automatic billing by themselves. These people are fake and cheaters pls don't go for those sites likes,,, these people created fake domains by different name so they are making people fools. I felt that almost 90% girls profile are fake and everything by doing this things they have cheated so many guys. I will suggest u all people don't go for these sites all. Think before 1000 times before paying them.
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    LucasJanuary 25th, 2011

    Useless is a garbage scam site, cancelling is intentionally difficult. You select cancel and are told a cancellation code will be emailed within a hour and it's good for 2 days. You receive the cancellation code and it says to log in and you will be asked to enter the code, except they never ask you for the code, and you won't find a place anywhere on the site to enter it either. I am going to contact my credit card company and the better business bureau in the jurisdiction of what is probably their dummy corporate address. I am disappointed Google even lists them in their search results. They should be barred from doing business with their unethical sketchy practices.

    I wouldn't recommend the site to anyone and most of the 'emails' you receive are generated from within the company itself. I wouldn't be surprised to find out they are using peoples images attached to those fake emails illegally as well.

    If i could give the scabs running less than one star and still post i would.
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    karan_3268January 25th, 2011


    It's really intersesting and easy to find the hot ones.
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    sidneyfranksJanuary 16th, 2011


    What a rip is they advertise local, signed up 5 days ago....none paying (smart thinking) I have had at least 200 profile checks, winks, and emails from 18... to 38... I am 59 and looking for someone that is my age, ya yes this goes to cupid .com.
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    Christine_2931November 14th, 2010


    I would seriously caution anyone thinking of joining

    I believe it is run by a Nigerian scam team first because most of the interest I received came from fictional profiles with overly attractive photos and unbelievable initiating emails stating they live in Brooklyn but are originally from Germany with a Scottish-Irish name and have such professions as architect in some third world country Their incredibly poor English grammar and spelling is also a dead give away. Clearly not written by someone American or European. I quit the site after just a few days. Sent complaints and warnings to the customer service people and got no response. I asked for a refund. No response. I started getting strange emails at my regular email address from such names as Victoria Love stating she wanted to meet a nice man and to please respond and she will send photos. Guess they didn't check to see that my address is that of a woman. Received all sorts of other horrible emails about penis enlargement, find hot Korean women, etc. I never clicked on them in order to try to unsubscribe because I was concerned about having any sort of response so I just deleted them.

    The email sent to my regular email address from Victoria Love also made reference to my user name on which I found to be suspicious. A month later, I noticed a debit taken from my checking account from a dubious company called "Easy Ed." I closed this debit card and will get a new one. I was also charged two international assessment fees with this Easy Ed charge. I wrote once again to because I believed this is where the Easy Ed charge originated. They told me that I never actually cancelled because I didn't go through the full process of cancelling. I told them that their business conduct is unethical. I received an email back from the customer service rep named "Victoria" whose English grammar and spelling is so poor and so closely resembles the writing style of the scammers who were posing as members that I believe this company if not run by scam artists is infiltrated by Nigerian scam artists. I strongly advise all to stay away from this website. I give this site a negative rating but have to click on "1" to submit.
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    Don_2608September 10th, 2010


    All the complaints you have read so far are true. This "dating" site must be run by Nigerians. It looks innocent enough, but if you sign up for the "cheap" 3 day trial, you must choose between Gold and Platinum. No explanation is given to explain the difference. Also, if you read the fine print, you will find that after your "3 day" trial ends, you will be automatically rolled into monthly billing unless you cancel.

    In trying to cancel, you must follow obscure links within the site, and go through more levels of security than your average credit card company. Seriously. You will have to click multiple choice selections, re-enter your password, enter one of the fuzzy security codes, reconfirm that yes, you do indeed want to cancel, choose why you want to cancel and after all that, you find out you get yet another security code that will be emailed to you in 2 hours so you'll have to wait to get that before you can continue. Do not waste one minute on this bogus site!
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    TimvuJuly 30th, 2010


    I'm currently a member. All I have to say is save your money and your time. There are so many Spams. Don't be falling in their traps.
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    kJuly 27th, 2010


    The only way out of the scam is to cancel your debit card>that is how they continue to charge us!!
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    TimvuJune 5th, 2010

    Useless offers 2 kind of membership plans a Gold and Platinum, but don't specify the differences between the gold and the platinum plan. I emailed the customer service for the differences. They told me that Platinum membership can be used for all the features on the site without any limitations. This still doesn't specify the differences. When people pay to be a member, the info should be written upfront. This a little scam of but not so smart. 1.19 92 A review of doesn't offer personality questionnaires or compatibility testing like many other matchmaking sites. Their site allows you to interact directly with anyone. You can post messages, and keep a web-blog.