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    Cre47December 7th, 2011


    I've heard about this site from a supposed dating expert who said it was one of their favorite sites. I did create an account and started to receive messages. Problem, I didn't want any messages from outside my region. Two-thirds of the messages were from people outside the region and I even got messages/winks from people from the States and abroad, which I've of course ignored.

    Considering there were a lot of people from Ottawa that sent messages, request chat messages and viewed profiles I've decided to try a subscription. A few of the Ottawa-Gatineau users on the site had also profiles on Zoosk as well. Of course, having profiles on multiple sites can help. I have profiles on Zoosk, E-Harmony,, and and considering I was on Cupid, the profile was also shown on its sister sites (though many didn't ask for it, but did accept

    Anyways, I've started communications with a couple of users from the country that sounded sincere, but eventually it turned sour as they eventually were telling me they had a precarious bull.... problem and needed my help, usually via money. Well I gave them the boot (or more polite to say a big F....) basically by ignoring them. I noticed that a lot of the messages I've received they gave their e-mail address.

    A big mistake probably from me was to add the Cupid app on Facebook, a slew of people send me unwanted messages, but it did stop pretty quick.

    The good news though, when I've cancelled the subscription, well before the expiration, I was not charged again. That was probably the most positive thing about the site, is that I didn't get ripped off financially but it was pretty hard in the feelings. I definitely discouraged anyone to use this site.
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    Phil_4592December 4th, 2011


    I was with benaughty, part of cupid, I tried to cancel membership, offered other partner sites to join with same people on it, once cancelled on computer after clicking no to everything, had to ring number and be put on hold for finally confirmation of cancellation, the company is a joke as well as a scam would not touch anything which cupid manage. P.s. I would rate as 0.
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    gypoNovember 30th, 2011


    It's a scam you idiots! They have the same girl with 3 profiles. If you wink at 30 girls you get 30 relies with in 2 mins regardless of the country. It was fun clogging their system, in between playing Crysis 2.
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    Mike_4217August 28th, 2011


    Like one of the other guys on here, I got BS'd by a woman in Nigeria wanting me to help her pay her hotel bill so she can (be together with me). I also receive many messages from (beautiful looking women), who do not answer the routine question of: What country do you live in? That is not an uncomfortable question to answer for a woman. OK, I'm not here to bash dating sites, but' whom I paid for a three month membership; MUST insist that women are not allowed to claim they live in one country (the USA) and actually reside on another continent... Africa. If it is determined that at least three different women use in this dishonest manner; the paying member of should receive his money back. Are my comments fair?
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    jenny_4196August 20th, 2011


    I became a member of this site but thank god I didn't pay for it, deleted my profile some months ago and still getting emails saying people have looked at my profile, have sent messages to me and tried to chat, but I'm unable to get back on the site, or contact them in any way. So for those that think people won't answer them, maybe it's just that they can't! Please don't use this site. If anybody knows how i can contact cupid to really get my profile deleted please let me know!
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    JAKE_3979July 3rd, 2011


    The system was purchased in 2009 from the original owner Chief geek. I can attest 100% that ever since they took over I have "0" REAL women contact me. I say again, zero. I "was" a gold member which is a person who paid for the entire year and had all privileges. As a gold member on the OLD cupid I was able to email someone I was interested in and that woman did not need to be a paying member to message me back. It worked. The new cupid does not work. I have messaged many, many women and zero replies, not even a not interested message. I returned messages from so called women and zero reply.
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    DamianJune 15th, 2011


    Obviously fake from the beginning and a poorly conducted scam at that (I've seen far better). Don't invest a penny into this site, scope it out as is, free of charge, and you'll notice that people who e-mail you (attractive, fake singles, there to encourage a purchase in order for you to read their messages) will eventually change their place of residence within a few days or weeks. Very poor English grammar, uncompleted and altered profiles, even pictures of beautiful young people you may recognize from Myspace or Facebook. If you have happened to make the mistake of purchasing further services on this site, cancel the card or account asap. Try learning social skills and meeting people face to face instead ;D
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    JakeMay 24th, 2011


    Do not join unless you want to be ripped off. I made complaints to the BBB and they failed to respond. The BBB has rated them in simple words as a business as crap. Cupid is owned and operated by The original was owned locally in Newburgh, NY up until December 2009 when the owner known as the "CHIEF GEEK" sold us all out.

    Since that time and after my BBB complaints cupid credited me 1 year which expires in August 2011. To date I have ZERO dates from this new cupid site. Compared to the original cupid of which i had at least 3 eye-contacts and messages a day with real women of which I have eventually dated a few. No scam on the old cupid. The new cupid is a total scam. I get these bogus messages and winks from 5000 miles away and from foreign countries. Cupid even messages you as if the actual person messaged you, but they in fact did not. When I reply to what looks like a legit person I never received a response and you can even see that the message you sent was not opened.

    Save your cash. Complain to the BBB immediately. If enough of us complain to the BBB as well as offer cupid free TV news on the scam they are, perhaps they will go out of business.

    Be warned and for us guys, hit Target or the supermarket to meet women as you have 10000000% better luck compared to cupid where you have a goose egg.
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    ben_3790May 16th, 2011


    Found a lot of women (which i suspect are under age) on this site trying to promote different pages. Asking you to rate their link....signing up to these sites cost money to rate their link....Do not use this site...if you do, do not talk to women who have not completed their profile or look like they should not be on the site (the sexy ones).
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    RomanFebruary 10th, 2011


    Exact same experience, "easy Ed" charges, credit card cancellations, etc.

    Roman 1.19 92 A review of doesn't offer personality questionnaires or compatibility testing like many other matchmaking sites. Their site allows you to interact directly with anyone. You can post messages, and keep a web-blog.