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    georgenullmontague_buggFebruary 3rd, 2011


    Use PayPal they do the cancelling for you, cupid can't do anything about it lol.
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    MikeeDecember 29th, 2010


    Cupid is not much different than all the other dating sites except Plenty of Fish which is actually free. I've been a member at Cupid for awhile. In fact I think I actually paid for a month at one point. The goal is to get you to pay and then hope you don't cancel in time. They bill you one day prior to the expiration date. The site probably has less than a thousand paying members out of millions.

    I haven't logged on for almost a year. Logged on yesterday and updated my profile. I live in south central PA and when searching for online members for 40-50 years olds within 100 miles (which includes Philly, Balt, DC, etc) I get between 1 and 8 members. In less than a day I have 10 winks, 30 emails, and 40 views. Hell, there aren't that many paying members in my 100 mile area. All they want is to lure you into paying them.
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    Paul_2928November 14th, 2010


    It's just like 'Zoosk' and 'Are You Interested' (AYI) that appears on FaceBook and lures people in. Steer well clear of these dubious products and most of all the dubious people that use them. One of the users on there I noted 'LoopyJules' had been a user of Love@Lycos back in 2003 and she hasn't aged a day. ;o) Soon get caught out. I won't even rate Cupid.con because they do not deserve a rating of any sort.
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    hello32October 25th, 2010


    Not worth your time in the slightest!! the company and the website is one BIG SCAM!! is full of fake members who wink and email you as soon as you sign up for basic membership then disappear as soon as you become a paid member. You have to become a paid member before you can find out who's been emailing. In either case has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE department and will not respond to any billing or questions you might have. That should tell you plenty about the true nature of also hosts people from Nigeria whose goal is to act as American's living in America they then get to some story about how they lost all their money and need yours for some trip back to America. has no comment with regards to these people and makes no effort to remove their membership or limit their activities. In other words is complicit in the crimes, is not interested in what you have to say about it in addition to taking your money as a paid member, should you ever choose to become a paid member. I am no longer a member and have closed my account completely with them. Not worth your time in the slightest!! Actually, my advice would be to forget these online dating websites, just use and mingle with real people if online at all.
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    gerardOctober 3rd, 2010


    I saw all the comments here and I am trying myself to cancel my subscriptions and don't seem to succeed. Can someone help me?

    hMarch 1st, 2011


    Replied to gerard @gerard Have just had to request cancellation code etc etc ...... luckily I set up account through paypal. If you have - or anyone out there has paypal and is having this kind of trouble, access your paypal account and cancel subscription re: cupid. If you don't have paypal go to your bank ASAP and TALK to someone.

    h Reviewed by bouken on . Beware of practices and quitting : Review of by bouken. [firstcomment] Rating: 1