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    John_3696April 24th, 2011


    are all the SAME site. A search reveals the IDENTICAL list of results.

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    MisterApril 11th, 2011


    I have also been scammed by plc in the UK. Foolishly I was lured in by the number of single women supposedly responding to my profile. All turned out to be fake. Admittedly there are some real people on the site, but the majority of the ones either aren't real or aren't the person you would be expecting.

    I am surprised this company is allowed to continue to operate. Unfortunately they are making so much money that no one seems to care about their illegitimate practises. They are listed on the public markets in London... incredible! Buy a share then attend the shareholder annual general meeting to tell them what rascals they are.
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    RuthApril 6th, 2011


    Signed up for a month and half ago. So far 4 out of the 5 men I talked to hit me up for money within a week of talking to them with various sob stories about how much they loved me (for real?) and they were stuck somewhere and needed money. Don't waste your money or your time with this site.
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    Jim_3454March 5th, 2011


    I am a single straight male. I signed up with them with a free account. Soon after I realized I dislike it and I unsubscribed from everything and I closed my account. Soon after I did that they started sending me chats and emails. I went there, logged in (my account wasn't closed!) and closed it again and made screenshot copies (for legal purposes). Then they started sending me male profiles!! I went and closed my account (supposed to be closed already!) again! Then they sent me confirmation by email that my account is closed. The next day same story - they sent me email, and chats from women. Then I sent an email to the admin (owned by with the last notice to never be contacted again by them. No stars would be the best rating.
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    LanceMarch 2nd, 2011


    I signed up on accident. I did the trial but their version of an expiration date differs from mine I guess. Now I get charged an "International Transaction Fee" of 9 cents at least twice a day. I just emailed them but I guess that sounds like it's a moot point. What a joke. Reviewed by bouken on . Beware of practices and quitting : Review of by bouken. [firstcomment] Rating: 1