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    Cathy_3929June 21st, 2011


    I am 42 years old and have been very happily married for many years. I have never signed up on this site, nor would I in a million years. Yet I'm getting billed $29.99 a month for the past 5 months. Sometimes it just happens to work out that you picked on the wrong person. You may know my name but you don't know who my family is....They happen to be very high government officials; I've read all the BS about this site.... Now it's time for me to copy these complaints and let my relatives, friends and the government take over and do their job. They will pull your plug so fast and you'll probably go broke; because you ARE going to pay everyone back every cent due them. I'm already calling my Dad and my Uncle. Neither one will be very happy about this situation; especially when you've taken money fraudulently from my Father's daughter and all those other people. See you in Washington and not the State. Also if this is deleted or retouched in any way there will be one more charge to add to the sheet of charges against your business practices now. I expect an immediate reply to these comments, I'll give you 24 hours. Remember, don't remove it.

    Annette_4459October 24th, 2011


    Replied to Cathy_3929 @Cathy I am now in the middle of what you guys have been saying. I feel bad for all those men whose had their pictures and info stolen who honestly went on these sites looking to meet someone and had their lives used by these scammers. Is there any way we can track these poor guys down and let them know they are being used?
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    WisdomJune 20th, 2011

    Useless is one of the main fraud website as far as online dating is concern. They've ripped me off 3 months and other people I've heard similar stories. Beware nothing good comes from them.

    damien_4610December 8th, 2011


    Replied to Wisdom @Wisdom I am being charged £32.99 a month and i don't know why...I have an account and paid the £2.99 3 day trial and now I'm getting £33 charges!...what should i do???? I'm losing a lot of money, will they stop taking it? Or should i get my bank to cancel the direct debit?
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    Kimberly_3799May 18th, 2011


    What a total scam and phishing site. Do not use them and report them to BBB. I actually never did business with this site nor did I sign up for any of those other sites which look like sex sites. They are a scam and work with a group of other sites. I get an email in my gmail stating:

    Hello XXXXXX, Thank you for joining! Congratulations! Your profile has been transferred successfully. Here are all the details you'll need to log on to the site: Your screenname is: XXXXXXXXXXX, Your password is: XXXXXXXXX (a password I have never used-they gave it to me and expect me to use this?!)

    I have never joined this site ever. I believe they stole my info from another site through phishing b/c the only sites I use are legit sites that have been in business for a long time. When I called their number, the guy, who I believe is not based in NY (from another country) states, "Which site are you talking about?" basically this number is for several different sites. Then the guy asked me if I clicked on a link to through another dating site and states that clicking on the link can automatically sign you up? ummm excuse me!!!????.

    I said "I'm not sure, even if I did...that should not indicate transferring of information or automatic sign-up!" I know I didn't click on any link. I am very cautious about this. This site is basically a scam, they steal your info... Please help to shut them down. Consumers should be protected. Now I fear they have my info and passwords, who knows? Report them to Better Business Bureau.

    DeeJanuary 4th, 2012


    Replied to Kimberly_3799 @Kimberly I just made a complaint with the BBB about this site, they have charged me over and over again for an account I already canceled. Now, no one at (the company) will call me back, or email me. I just want a refund for all of the charges. All I wanted was the 3 day trial. After those three days I experienced so many fake winks and profiles it's not even funny. That site should be shut down. They better give me my money back!
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    anonymous_3786May 15th, 2011


    Cupid now automatically signs you up with their other scam dating services such as girlsdateforfree and benaughty. Years ago I met a lot of women on cupid in person in my area. It was a good dating site that I could get a free month for reporting fake profiles. Easy enough. You could also leave your contact email in code. I couldn't believe how many broads I met on there.

    Now it is nothing but a scammers paradise tailored to the artificial beings. I get spam mail daily from my account from 3 years ago, and now spam mail from all their affiliated scam sites I mentioned above. What once was a reputable dating site has figured out their flaws in their stupid programming and now focuses on baiting people.

    I can't even remove my account without pulling all my hair out in frustration. Time for a DDOS attack.
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    Dave_3758May 9th, 2011

    Useless is the worst dating site going, total scam. I have never had so many young women supposedly interested in me, yeah right, in my dreams, and they all live in my area, until you click on their profile and surprise, surprise they suddenly live miles away, when you confront the person they reply stating that you are also living in their area. Would wisely advise stay well clear, as they have a policy of saying it's a technical fault, only problem is the problem is never solved. I wonder why.

    johnfoxJuly 8th, 2011

    Below average

    Replied to Dave_3758 @Dave Well i have been on for about 6 months or so, i have met a lot of interesting women and they say they are in the United States but actually they are in another country because they are buying gold, art and etc. Why post that you are in the United States but actually in another country and also all of them said their parents died in a car accident when they were young. Is there any woman in the United Sates that is on Cupid? I sure would love to know? And i am being charged 39.00$ a month to find this out for myself. What the heck is really going on? Reviewed by bouken on . Beware of practices and quitting : Review of by bouken. [firstcomment] Rating: 1