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    chris_4335September 22nd, 2011

    Useless is full of it, I signed up for three days, now I am getting a bill for one month. I called and this foreign lady answers the phone every time, sounds like the same person, saying that my bill will be cancelled. Next thing I know wham they are trying to charge me again. I am going to my bank and let them handle this.
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    Michael_4302September 16th, 2011

    Below average

    Hi, I am currently a non-paying member of and I have a few questions for the people here. I was signed up by clicking on a link on Facebook. I was thinking about using the 3-day free trial to check out people that sent me e-mails. I was planning to cancel well before the 3 days were up. Is it possible to obtain the cancellation code and get them to cancel before the time is up? I have been reading the comments of people who say that the people who have contacted them didn't really contact them and I must say that I am surprised. I wondered how common this experience is for people. Should I just cancel my account now? There are women that I am interested in on the site. Should I assume that they are just fake? The complaints here have left me confused on how to proceed. P.S. I am just giving it two stars because this sites demands that you rate it.
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    MemEMeSeptember 10th, 2011


    I have had fhe same thing happen! My boyfriend was on Facebook and noticed it said I was using I was sitting right next to him so he new I wasnt, but I don't know how an account got set up in my name. Worst yet, I cant delete it! I dont know the password!I have tried emailing them several times and get the reply "Welcome to You are pretty popular among our singles" Well I dont want to be popular asshole! Lol! Does anyone have info on how to delete this profile or is it stuck on there forever now? :( P.S. why cant there be a negative rating scale? Just sayin' lol
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    sharynJuly 20th, 2011

    Useless is the worst dating site ever. I never signed up for it but got on it by mistake, probably when I set up my Facebook page. I started playing around on it and almost every man I chatted with was in construction, in a foreign country, Lagos Nigeria to be specific. I chatted with three of them and after two to three weeks they were asking me for money due to some crisis that occurred. After becoming familiar with the pattern when someone would give me the familiar story I would tell them the outcome about the crisis and asking for money.

    Of course, they denied it. One individual got really rude and made some off color remarks to me. I reported the profile to and instead of going after the individual with the off color remarks they have banned me from the site. (Which is alright with me.) So in other words if you are into being scammed by foreigners in other countries and like lewd remarks, is your dating site.

    ArunAugust 25th, 2011


    Replied to sharyn @sharyn I want to know where we have to enter cancellation code for cupid? pls help me......?

    JacquesRichardDecember 3rd, 2011


    Replied to Arun @Arun You have to go back and click at the same place after clicking on Billing history....and then it should ask you for your cancellation code. Write to me if it doesn't work.
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    Brian_4049July 18th, 2011


    Hi - I keep getting winks from women in Ohio? Never gave them my credit card for the "Free" trial. Buyer beware! Many dating sites do this from what I understand, and eharmony. Plentyoffish is also a great site as it's free and they appear to make money on advertising (not on your back). Reviewed by bouken on . Beware of practices and quitting : Review of by bouken. [firstcomment] Rating: 1