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    bill_4651December 21st, 2011


    I work in digital marketing and what I found out about these companies is that they use automated greetings when people join the site. So in my case when 30 women said hello to me, it was nice surprise but a complete surprise to these unsuspecting women. If they bill you, do not pussyfoot with them. If you cancelled before the due date for the next subscription and they still take money out of your account, go straight to your credit card provider for a chargeback and provide the email correspondence as proof. You will get your money back really quickly and it will reflect really poorly on them. The credit service may be withdrawn in the future if there are a lot of complaints.
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    Christopher_4530November 13th, 2011


    Can someone please help? Cupid will not let me cancel my repeat subscription!!! How did you guys get them to stop charging your card? I am planning on going in the bank to stop them taking any more money. Please help.

    hNovember 29th, 2011


    Replied to Christopher_4530 @Christopher Go to the bank. Next time use paypal. Any bother just access paypal page then cancel.
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    steve_4477October 28th, 2011


    Keep clear. This stole my profile from facebook, edited my kids from the photos and posted it on their site. I never joined up but they had all my info ie where i lived, email, photos the lot.
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    peterbrownOctober 26th, 2011


    I agree with these posters....I joined on a temp membership and then joined again under a fictitious woman's name and profile and am now having a regular conversation with someone who doesn't exist hahaha.
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    PAUL_4455October 23rd, 2011


    This sounds as if it's similar to Be2, another site to steer well clear of! Same sharp practice of cheap initial trial, but virtually impossible to cancel before the end of the trial period, and they will whip £150 out of your account as soon as you sign up. Beware!!! Reviewed by bouken on . Beware of practices and quitting : Review of by bouken. [firstcomment] Rating: 1