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I tried the 3 day free trial. It began late on 8/27 and was supposed to expire on 8/30. On 8/29 at 11:18 pm, I initiated a cancellation request. The way to cancel is obscure. You must find and click on "Billing History" and then on a button titled "Cancel Repeat Billing". Once I found that and followed the instructions, there was a code to enter and verify and then you need to wait for another message.

Here's the message I received: "We'll send the cancellation code to the following e-mail address. "" (my email address). The Cancellation code will arrive at your e-mail address within an hour. This code will be valid for two days."

I got the email with a cancellation just before midnight on 8/29. When I logged in just after midnight, I found I was already charged for another month, $34.99. When I entered the cancellation code, I got a message saying that I was a member for another month. When I called customer service and then wrote to them, they refused to refund the amount even though the cancellation was initiated on 8/29. They also take over 24 hours to respond to any email concerning billing.

Beware of this type of practice. If they are that anxious to bill you and not refund you, then it shows this group is generally dishonest in its dealings with the customer. The other thing to beware is the fact that a lot of the messages and winks you might receive are not always initiated by another member. When you reply, they say they did not wink at you.

This is not a legitimate site.

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    Scott1979July 21st, 2014


    Add one more victim to the list! I've just caught this site red-handed committing credit card billing fraud. Not just unscrupulous, but crossed the line of law in the United States of America. Is the legal definition of a 'month' equal to 30 days, or from one numbered calendar day to the same numbered calendar day in the following month? These people don't seem to know. Tomorrow, when they deny my claim for refund for the third time, I will be reporting this site to the FBI. Who wants to bet this illustrious institution will actually do it's job?
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    gerry_5121May 12th, 2012

    Below average

    Well to be honest...I've always been cautious about these dating sites, so after reading about many others who have been scammed out of money by repeat billing or illegal billing once people would put their credit card details. So i feel really sorry the yous people & i'm really annoyed that the authorities & law enforcement agencies have not closed these sites down & arrested these people for this. I was lucky enough to have read reviews on sites first before giving them advice to all guys is check out the reviews first by other peoples experiences, not just dating sites but anything you are going to venture into on the net where they want your card details or anything to do with money. There is a lot of con artists out there that are brilliances with computers & programming. As far as i'm very skeptical that any of the women here are real...why i say that is because if a women is really interested in you...if she can't contact you...then you'll get her thinking about you strongly...But that's not the feeling i get, it's like there's nothing & has no soul like they don't exist. I could be wrong, but i don't think so....
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    AdviceMarch 1st, 2012


    Use Prepaid Credit cards. You can buy these cards anywhere visa mastercard even the seven eleven. Go buy one worth a $100 signup at a couple of sites and let them fight over the scraps when the subscriptions are up. Max you lose is $100. No aggravation when they rebill as you don't even need to go to the bank to cancel your card as it basically self cancels when it runs out of money.
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    CArosFebruary 11th, 2012


    Same happened to me. Signed up for the trial and got charged. Wrote an email and got 3 extra months for free but no funds returned. Now I'm afraid I will have the same problem as all of you guys. Hey IO just got contacted by a woman from Ghana she says, she was in cupid and they erased her profile after she connects with me. Now she tells me she feel she loves me and she wants to exend the rest of her life with me. How crazy is that, that more crazy is that since there's nothing else to do I was chatting with her for about three hours on Yahoo Mss. Then she said give me a password and username so that I can take you out of that site and we can have more time to concentrate on our relationship. I'm like "what $@#$ relationship CU CU Cu CU". I'll tell you later what happened. I am supposed to keep in touch. I know there's going to be a point where I'm going to hear "I need help with money" has any one going thru this?

    M_5049April 7th, 2012


    Replied to CAros @CAros Yes. Same issues 3 different people, all from the same city, but stats later they live in Africa. Each one had to go back home to help a sick relative. Same stories.
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    David_4779January 17th, 2012

    Above average

    Same thing 3 day trail cancelled after 1 day since the emails did not respond. Thought it was fake. Never got a cancel code in email. Reported fraud to my bank and cancelled my credit card number! Reviewed by bouken on . I tried the 3 day free trial. It began late on 8/27 and was supposed to expire on 8/30. On 8/29 at 11:18 pm, I initiated a cancellation request. Rating: 1