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I found that the site was very interactive site and it does try to cater to all singles, whether they are looking to date causally or be in a serious relationship. The matching system takes a unique approach by encouraging as much fun interaction as possible between members.

However, does not provide customer support via telephone, and the customer service was not useful at all when I tried contacting them about spam e-mails I was getting. Basically this website looks good, caters to all types, and has some neat features, but when it actually comes down to the authenticity and genuine usability of the website... it rates badly.

I find it interesting when you receive hits on your profile and yet your profile has the bare minimum amount of information on it. I have never experienced this on other dating sites, and quickly realized that a lot of the e-mails I was getting were from people who were spamming, or were from bots.

As much as the website looks nice upfront, don't bother wasting your time here.

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