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I had many men respond to my profile though I stated I only wanted responses from a 50 mile radius. And none of them was American -- they were from Africa, Southeast Asia, a couple even "pretended" to be our military serving in Afghanistan.

Weirdly enough, their scam for women is "I want to send you a surprise" or "I need to send a package home but don't have anyone to receive it". All asking me for my US address. What is up with that??? Drugs? Arms? terrorists... seriously beware the crazies. And of course they all fell in love with me, wanted to spend the rest of their life with me and can't wait to be with me.... blah, blah, blah, blah.

Seriously, is there a scam headquarters somewhere with a bunch of scripted telemarketers working the people on these sites?? Makes you wonder. Why isn't the FBI or the CIA monitoring what goes on here. I think there is seriously something evil going on.

Oh, and don't forget the sister site, Love Again that they try to get you to buy into. I did the three day thing and cancelled and then went in and removed my profile. Lo and behold I'm still getting emails, yes, that's right emails from local (supposedly) guys by the dozens every day when previously all I had were emails from guys out of town. Crazy, crazy scammers......

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