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I just tried it out. I signed up to see what it was like because I actually heard a radio commercial so I figured if they have the money to do national commercials it must be on the level. I signed up and before I put a single word in my profile, I had four emails from people interested. I couldn't see how that could be since there was zero information about me, yet here were four interested parties. By the end of the day I had ten.

I put on my profile "I'm just checking this out" with the date range I was looking for. Within a couple days, I had 31 emails. Now a lot of these were definite scammers, the "I just moved here and am looking to date" and when you email them, they direct you to a scam website to pay to see naked pictures (these are usually just guys with 50 or 60 accounts with women’s pictures they use to get dumb people to buy their scam). From what I read, doesn't care if these people use their site to scam folks. It's pretty apparent which messages were the scammers. That still left around 20 people who fit my description. Yet I had no information and a lot of the headers were acting as if I was "what they're looking for." It all felt fake and I wasn't going to pay to email these people back because I had a sneaky suspicion they were all fake emails set up by cupid to get you to pay to email people.

So I set up a fake account in another town 1000 miles away to see what would happen. Guess what? Same stuff. Same stupid headers, all scams. Every one was a scam. If you go to a real dating site and start up an account with no information, you will get no responses. Yet here I did two accounts with no info and got more responses than I got when I was Match the whole three months.

So I emailed to inquire as to if they expected me to fall for their scam. No response. I canceled my account. Of course, I still got email from them even though I said I didn't want any. I emailed them to tell them to stop. No response. But I still got email. Luckily I never paid a dime for this scam, the next email I get from them I'm contacting the BBB.

This is a huge scam. Stay away from this site. I literally signed up on this website just so I could post this. Avoid!

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    aashuApril 9th, 2012


    It's a fake site. They have deducted my 750 bucks without my knowledge. Should be banned as they take information of credit and debit cards and use them as a fraud.
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    MikeMasekDecember 29th, 2011


    I had the same thing. A lot of females contacting me and never reply saying they read my profile and liked what they saw but yet I haven't filled anything in. They put my profile on their other dating sites without my permission. I only find out about it when I get an email. They put my profile on wildbuddies and have it set to where non paying customers can't delete that account and they did the same for a female friend of mine. She can't delete her profile off of There's gotta be a way to do some kind of international class action suit against them.
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    Terry_4600December 6th, 2011


    Yes have found the same this company has a myriad of sites and you can't get rid of them. I need a way to remove them. 0 stars. Reviewed by Andreal on . I just tried it out. I signed up to see what it was like because I actually heard a radio commercial so I figured if they have the money to do national commercials it must be on the level. Rating: 1