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Cost40% is a premier, 100% free online dating site. The site offers a number of fun features that help members find just the romance or friendship they've been looking for. While features such as chat and instant messenger make getting to know others rather easy, the site also employs an event planning feature allowing members to enjoy local get togethers. Staying active on the site is also a breeze when making use of the forums, blogs, polls, member's birthday list in addition to sending out virtual flowers and ecards. Members can even rate photos and find others with similar interests using a fun system of tags.

They rely on advertising to keep their site up and running; therefore, there will be no surprise fees or charges before or after joining the site. The site works to bring people together as well as help them stay informed about the world of online dating.

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    schweetieSeptember 27th, 2011


    Been on and off on CS. I got myself out of that hell-hole by using swear words.. That is the only way to get your username deleted, i was ashamed that i had been part of that obnoxious site.. That is so transparently racist. Being an Indian and a Muslim to boot I had the privilege to see how i was treated. I initiated the "poetry" section as I then had a flair for rhymes... I met this lady who got me so embroiled into a conspiracy frightening me with some tall tale about a person who is popularly known as the "joker" and who is supposedly a moderator and who harasses any popular member - unfortunately my poems were highly acclaimed. Then the blow fell...

    One fine morning I as usual wrote a poem as was my habit then. Nothing. Nix. Nada. No response. She had done her work well, I was literally left with my jaw ajar!..

    No poet can get a response or acclaim without first being approved by the poets moderators - all of them satellites of this lady who is a rich business woman from South Africa. Here endth my story. I have written what happened to me believe it or not.

    [** names removed by moderator **]

    scherieJanuary 5th, 2012


    Replied to schweetie @schweetie I have to agree with every word you have said. thank you!
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    Katt1017August 10th, 2011


    Trolls galore on CS.

    Sadly many of them seem to be provided by the owners of the site themselves. Look for the patterns. Most importantly look at the reaction of the mods to certain trouble makers as opposed to those that complain about the same trouble makers. What I find most insulting is that they assume we can not see the scam being pulled.

    Sorry CS, my father trained us to spot cons when we were still in short pants. You people are not even up to the level of County fair hucksters.

    Pick your favorite type of hate speech and you will find it on the forums. Don't like GLBT people? Step right up! Homophobic threads stay up for weeks with no interference from the mods.

    You say you hate Christians and Muslims? You've found your on line home my friend! Just don't bash the bashers or they will have to ban you.

    Likewise with political threads. If you want to claim the right are a bunch of incestuous child molesting cannibals your free speech is important. Dare to disagree and you are just a doo-doo stirring trouble maker.
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    randySeptember 2nd, 2010


    I have tried I found this website to be less than sufficient for someone who is looking to find a mate. They have forums and blogs that have users that use profanity and rudeness in comments to other website users, reports to the website go unanswered, most of the website users are there for the forums and blogs and not looking for a mate. After using i would rate this website very low, because of the rudeness and harassment in the forums and blogs. I will never use this website again because of the abusive behavior in the forums and blogs that the moderators of the website overlook even after they are reported that are in clear violation of forum, blogs and terms of service.

    KimberlyAnneApril 1st, 2011


    Replied to randy @randy I was deeply disappointed with the site known as There are some very rude and lewd posters there. It is a breeding ground for scammers and fake profiles. This site has members who have been there since "The Ark" who belittle and torment new members, they do this with impunity. The moderators allow it. I think it is a racist site, with many threads against people who have a belief in God. It is Anti Muslim. In fact it seems to be geared for American members and shows favouritism towards "far right" thinking.

    The likes of Bodog , Condog at al are ruining what could be a good site . Nudity abounds there, with pictures on show for hours at a time before the moderators take action.

    If I was asked to recommend a site for singles, I wouldn't feel I was doing a service by leading people to that site , Plentyoffish , match1 etc are good site where the moderators take action if infringements occur .
    Also many of these regulars members are on the site 24/7 , so it gets boring , they are allowed to harass the new members with gang attacks , shouts of troll , a very frightening experience , I have been subjected to it .

    glass_sliverJanuary 5th, 2012


    Replied to KimberlyAnne @Kimberly Anne It's strange I had the same experience. Connecting singles discriminates on the basis of religion. Being a Muslim and an Indian I had a huge dose of abuse, conspiracy scammers, humiliation when I posted on the blogs. No Indian posts anything on the blogs without getting a barrage of mockery abuse, and insults. It's a fact. And that is a shame. I used to be a regular member but at every post or poetry I posted, I was belittled. Then a white woman started a whispering campaign against me, and I was thrown out. Deleted. I am still stunned. I am not used to being treated like a second class citizen. Connecting singles exemplifies the worst that can be inside of a human being. The members are inhuman with inflated egos extremely offensive and horribly unclean yuck!

    WitchaywomanApril 1st, 2011


    Replied to randy @randy I go on the CS forums all the time. It is possible to have a great time if you just give the self appointed forum police and the flamers the brush off. They are the smallest percent of the visitors and the loudest. This is not directed at anyone in particular. If someone is trying like crazy to rattle you, then you know you're doing something right because someone wants you to notice them. If someone wants you off the forums, the best revenge is to stay and party hardy!
ConnectingSingles Reviewed by hitch on . is a premier, 100% free online dating site. The site offers a number of fun features that help members find just the romance or friendship they've been looking for. Rating: 2