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(4 to 1) is the site where eHarmony bring their matchmaking expertise to the gay and lesbian community. Gay and Lesbian men and women can enjoy all of the benefits of one of the most successful matchmaking methods available today.

CompatiblePartners is for anyone looking for a same sex relationship.

CompatiblePartners sets itself apart from many of the other gay/lesbian dating sites out there. If you're looking for something more serious, this site is designed with you in mind. It's for anyone looking for more of a long term relationship rather than a casual fling.

It does this with an eHarmony-like compatibility test. CompatiblePartners aims to bring people together with their true match - but unlike eHarmony it scans for same-sex relationships too.

eHarmony Matching for Same Sex Couples

Their matching system looks for couples who would share deeper values as opposed to just similar likes and hobbies.

Rather than filling out a simple questionnaire, you'll actually take more of a personality test when you sign up. You'll get a pretty detailed report about yourself as well as being matched with potential partners.

Since the site is dedicated to gays and lesbians looking for long term relationships, most people who are interested in casual dating don't sign up here. If that's what you're after I'd suggest


Once you've found matches, you don't communicate with them freely right away. Rather, the system only allows you to ask each other questions back and forth at first. It's all about maintaining privacy and ensuring a good match before you meet. One of these communications includes sending each other a list of "must haves" and "can't stands" regarding what you're looking for in a partner.

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    Scott_4198August 20th, 2011


    Using responses that were completely typical of anyone my age (40s-50s) seeking a partner, a nationwide U.S. search generated six "matches," all of whom were hilariously inappropriate. When I clicked for more matches, no more could be found. Beyond that, the site auto-enrolled me for auto-renewal of membership charges, with apparently no way to turn off that feature. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a thinly disguised scam.
CompatiblePartners 1 1 A review of CompatiblePartners. is the site where eHarmony bring their matchmaking expertise to the gay and lesbian community.