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Here's a simple app for mixed race dating or even just dating someone of a certain ethnic background. Color dating app lets you refine your matches along any racial lines.

Getting Started

The color dating app is very straightforward to use. It works pretty much as you expect right off the bat.

Once you download and open the app, you can connect your profile to Facebook so that you don't have to fill in a lot of basic information. You'll then get the chance to import pictures.

To find people, start by setting your maximum distance.

The distance setting allows you to block out people who're too far away. When you see someone you like, you swipe right on their profiles.

Swipe left to skip to another. Think of it a bit like an interracial Tinder though quite a lot smaller.

Refining Your Matches

What's unique about this app is that you can refine much more in the way of who you see by race, color and ethnicity. The search lets you refine your matches by exact ethnic background be that Asian, Black, White, Hispanic or anything else.

Whether you want to date across racial lines or meet someone of the same ethnic background it doesn't really matter. Conveniently, the app puts you in control of who you see.

VIP - The Paid Account

The paid version of the app is called VIP. This will give you a little bit extra and perhaps increase your chances of meeting someone. Firstly VIP users get higher priority in profile searches. So just by the number of views received, VIP users tend to get a lot more connections and more dates.

VIP gives you an inside peak. It lets you see who's swiped right on your profile to like you. This means you can check out their profiles and fire-up a chat session with them. The paid account doesn't restrict the number of likes you can make which the free account does.

Compared to other similar apps and dating services, the cost is affordable at $9.99 for each month. Though you can save quite a bit by signing up for longer.

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