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Clover's dating app lets you order a date on demand. Just like a pizza. Type in what you want and where... the app will tell you who's available.

Clover is a dating app with a twist. Designed for millennials, Clover let's you book a date in advance.

Just tell the app where and when you'll be free. Clover will check who's around at that time and in that area and will give you a list of possible dates. It doesn't get much simpler... It's as easy as ordering pizza!

How Does it Work?

If you've struggled with other apps like Tinder that are very "looks oriented", then Clover could be worth a look. Their catchphrase is "swipe less, date more". In other words, Clover is ideal for the spontaneous dater.

Clover is actually pretty good at getting people out on dates. Once you meet in the flesh you can decide if that person is right for you or not. Personality can shine because your success isn't all down to a swipe.

Prepare for "Random Dates"

The main downside I found with Clover is the randomness of it. Remember, this is the dating equivalent of a fast food takeaway. It's designed that way. If you're looking for something more romantic or you want to find someone who's going to share your likes and interests, Clover probably isn't for you. Alternatively, you could try a mixer event.


As well as one-on-one dates Clover lets you scoot around for events or mixers. The mixers are people who are close by geographically and share something in common. For example a love of beach yoga or volleyball.

This is an easy way to socialize and get to know people around you. It's especially good if you're nervous about going on a date with a complete stranger.

The Cost

The basic app is free to download. There's a premium version, which will basically boost your popularity. This means you'll probably get more dates because your profile will be given a higher priority when dates are arranged.

Clover coins are a pay as you go system that let's you buy features as and when you need them.

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