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ChinaLoveCupid is the new name of the site called "Chinese love links". Not much has changed other than the name, the logo and a few cosmetic bits and pieces.

It still has a strong following of Chinese singles. Plus, it has a lot of non-Asians who want to meet someone from that part of the world. There are also large numbers of men there from Europe and the States looking for Chinese women to marry.

Chinalovecupid is a melting pot of people from East and West, with one goal: finding love.

If you fit into either of these boxes, or just want to mingle within the Chinese community - with just friendship in mind, you can give the site a go for free by completing the quick join questionnaire.

You can get access via the mobile app or through the website.

What Guests Can Do

Guest users can put up a photo profile, and up to four pictures. You can also fill out a biography and add personal touches. This is a good idea as it will make your profile stand out among the many thousands that are on there.

However guests can only read or reply to messages from or to paying members. To communicate with anyone, you'll need to upgrade to a paid membership. Other benefits include appearing more prominently in searches, no ads, being able to browse anonymously, and access to additional search options.

In addition to these limitations guests aren't able to view profiles in full until they upload their own photo. This is waived only when you upgrade.

Tag search is useful for finding people who don't fit into certain boxes.

Love Match

There are several ways of searching. There's both a basic and an extended search as well as several quick searches. These will let you find someone matching your wish list, so to speak. For example, you can choose basic preferences like gender, age, and their location. With the extended search, you can go more deeply into their background, values and beliefs.

Then there is what's called the tag search. This lets you do some basic fishing. You just type in some words and people who've tagged themselves with that will show up.

It's useful for finding people who don't fit into certain boxes. For example, if you are into some bizarre sport or hobby, this is the place to find others like you.


With ChinaLoveCupid, while you get a decent amount with the guest account, there are certain things you can't do and have to upgrade for.

The good thing is that you can chat to anyone on the site, just so long as one of you has a full membership pass. This is appealing, because with most dating sites, there are many people using (free) guest accounts who you cannot reach. If you have a Gold or Platinum pass, you can then contact anyone you choose.

You need to upgrade in order to exchange personal details like email & phone numbers.

The other thing is that if you meet someone, get to know them, and ultimately choose to take the relationship further, you need to upgrade in order to exchange personal details.

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  • Avatar

    william_5069January 30th, 2018


    I am using this site, i am a paid member there. you can come to find me.
  • Avatar

    DAPOADESHUBOMYJanuary 27th, 2017

    Above average

    pls,i nid a serious chines lady 4 courtship 10qu. pls send your reply soonest
  • Avatar

    Jane_4199January 26th, 2017


    I would like to find a German friend .
  • Avatar

    aizzyJanuary 19th, 2017

    Above average

    hi aizzy
  • Avatar

    abbyxiaoJuly 26th, 2015


    I know this website through friends, she believes that the site is good, I have not used this website, we hope that we can find a lover. through this website .I will make friends with a sincere attitude.
  • Avatar

    tommyxxxMarch 13th, 2013


    There are a lot of scammers on the site so pick and choose wisely who you are talking to. I wish that they (the web site) can get a hold on these scammers. I have to screen out plenty before I can find a good suitor.
  • Avatar

    dave_3381February 17th, 2011


    I want a love to last forever. i am a very peace loving guy with the hope that i will find a pretty and loving soul partner in my life, a girl i will promise to dedicate all my life to and a girl i will never think of divorcing or separating with as long as i am still alive. And i will require the same gesture from her too! To be together forever and have an everlasting happy life together!

    I love to have the pretty girl of my life and i will make her feel happy every time of her life. I will like to tell her the truth always and she too tell me the truth always because on trust we can both have a happy life together.
  • Avatar

    kelly_3153January 6th, 2011


    i want a fine looking girlfriend, tall, humble understandable and non smoker.
  • Avatar

    JamesDecember 9th, 2010


    I live in China and met a woman on this site. Her English name is Jasmine and she is a real person. I paid the monthly fee (it was non-recurring), I messaged women that lived near me. Jasmine actually emailed me and said that the site thought we were a match. Now Llewellyn is correct in that you cannot judge a person by a photo. Jasmine did not look like her photo that much, but I am sure she couldn't judge me on my photo as well. On this site there is also a chat feature where women will send you a message while you are online on the site. I spoke with a few women (some couldn't write in English, so I couldn't chat with them) and I found all of them to be real people, living real lives.

    I highly recommend this site. I still am friends with Jasmine, although nothing romantic has really happened, but that is what meeting real people in the real world is all about. I never spent any more money on that site, but I may go back for more to see if I can meet that special one.
  • Avatar

    LlewellynGruelJuly 10th, 2009


    I have experienced that many women use edited photo's and when I arrange a meeting, I find a completely different person to the attractive woman I saw on CLL. This is a waste of time and it's deceitful, to say the least. The second point is a photo of an attractive woman of, say 45....when I request a recent photo, she is truly 45 but the CLL photo was when she was 25....misleading and poor judgement. If this type of conduct can be controlled, then I would gladly renew my platinum membership...I'm still looking for that special one. Llewellyn.

    fayeSeptember 7th, 2010


    Replied to LlewellynGruel @Llewellyn Gruel hey i am a chinese girl , i want to marry a western husband, does anyone can give me advice? which online date website is better?

    mo_4038July 16th, 2011

    Below average

    Replied to faye @faye Hi there, are you interested in an Egyptian guy?
ChinaLoveCupid 3 13 A review of ChinaLoveCupid - Chinese Love, Marriage. ChinaLoveCupid is the new name of the site called "Chinese love links". Not much has changed other than the name, the logo and a few cosmetic bits and pieces.