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Chemistry is for people who are looking for lasting relationships. It provides a scientifically inspired personality test that is meant to help you to find your ideal mate. Basic membership is free but expect to pay for extras. utilizes science to optimize the matchmaking from beginning to end.

They won't teach you how to use a Bunsen burner or grow your own salt crystals, but could open up your personal life to an "explosion" of possible romantic relationships.

The Test

Upon joining, each member is given a unique, scientific personality test created by love expert Dr. Helen Fisher. This fun test is designed to make matchmaking easier for their computer-based match system. Upon completion of the personality test, you'll automatically be matched with other members whose answers are compatible with yours. At least that's the idea!

The Matching Process

Just like eHarmony, they match people based on the results of their personality test, however Chemistry's test is a little shorter and less probing that the one at eHarmony.

After you've completed your chemistry profile, you'll be notified when people are found who's personality-type is compatible with yours. You'll get about five of these every day.

Once you've chosen a potential romantic partner among these compatible individuals, it will lead you through the process of corresponding and, eventually, meeting your chosen match. This guidance can take some of the fear out of dating a stranger you've never seen before. Indeed, after some intimate messaging it may be you and your chosen match are strangers no longer.

The guidance can take some of the fear out of dating a stranger you've never seen before.

In Brief is a well respected site that's been around for a long time - it's run by It has a high percentage of female members, and is better suited to those searching for a long-term compatible other.

You can take their compatibility test for free and receive matches, but expect to pay if you want to take things further.

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  • Avatar

    jane_4308May 3rd, 2016


    This site is a joke save your money, please do not sign up. Men have better time finding people than woman.
  • Avatar

    arnetteJune 10th, 2013

    Above average

    This is one of the more expensive ones in my book and I don't think I will use it very often. The quality is what makes this site worth the extra money so this isn't a bad comment or anything. I would just like it to be more affordable.
  • Avatar

    Rick_4881February 14th, 2012


    I selected a 25 mile geographic radius, but most of my matches were well outside of that limit. For example, I live in New York, but one of my matches was in Virginia. At the time I naively thought that there was a technical problem, and I notified Chemistry by email so that it could be fixed. They responded that their system could not be changed to accommodate my request. Even though I have been off of Chemistry for over a year and erased my "essay" (profile), they keep sending me messages, including some from women who are "interested". Online dating is clearly an industry that is not regulated. If you are unfamiliar with online dating, you may think that the people that run these sites cannot possibly be that unprincipled, and the comments you are reading from users must be exaggerated. Unfortunately, they are not.
  • Avatar

    Alex_3118December 31st, 2010

    Below average

    The good -- for the first 2 weeks, you'll be given high quality matches. The response rate for is about the same as most other sites.

    The bad -- after the first month, the quality rapidly fades. You'll be given good matches who live 2 hours away, or inappropriate matches nearby, etc.

    There are a number of things you can do other than email, but I've not received a response on anything but emails, so they're a waste of time.

    There is no searching capability. You'll get as many matches as they give you, which will start out being 5 a day, and drop to 2 within a month.

    Save your money and time. OkCupid or PlentyOfFish are better.
  • Avatar

    DM_2969November 23rd, 2010


    They're more about having you play games i.e."five card sort" than they are about matching you with someone and bombarding you with questions about whether you sleep in pyjamas or nothing at all. If you choose to give your off site email address, it is blocked. Sounds as if Chemistry has major control issues. I found it insulting. I'm an adult, not a child, yet they play child's games. The other issue is 'they' choose for you based on all the survey of questions - I found it was a useless attempt at narrowing down potential connections. People don't fit neatly into tiny least I don't. You ought to be able to browse around and see if something catches your eye rather than having to wait for Chemistry to forward another crop of (mostly unacceptable) profiles many of which are not what you set up in the first place. One and a half stars.
  • Avatar

    Stephanie_1897March 21st, 2010


    This site was a waste of money. I got (if I was lucky) 2-3 "matches" a week. I asked for those in a radius of 50miles - I was getting matches up to 6hrs away from me! What was the point of that?

    One had 2 responses to my profile once we got past the "I'm interested" phase. Felt like men have more searching capabilities than women do.
    Also, the men on here don't read profiles (or the ones I was matched with didn't) as I am not an active Christian with the church and I kept getting "interested in you" emails from guys who wanted a "good Christian woman).

    Don't waste your money!
  • Avatar

    mike_1825March 1st, 2010


    The site is a joke, you receive matches that are fake, they never respond to you.
    Save your money.. owns the site.
  • Avatar

    mithralSeptember 1st, 2009


    Was subject to an unwanted billing renewal after I discontinued the service and they would only give half my money back. I will never use this dating site again. Good security initially. Average in all other ways. VERY expensive for what you get compared to similar services. Got lots of matches at first, but then figured out most of those matches were old and/or de-active. Once I started getting matches they were the same people I saw on the local free dating pages. Customer Reviews

Add your review 1.89 9 A review of Chemistry is for people who are looking for lasting relationships. It provides a scientifically inspired personality test that is meant to help you to find your ideal mate. Basic membership is free but expect to pay for extras.