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I was surprised to see lower ratings here. I've been paying on Catholic Match for about 3 months and the renewal price will be around $10 a month I believe, so quite cheap. I've found a lot of members in my area (midwest). A non-paying member can send a simple smiley-face emotigram. It is a limitation that they cannot send more than that until they pay, but that seems common in my experience.

The site is well-organized and user friendly. Searching capability is very good, including custom saved searches. You can setup your primary search criteria as Match Settings and are notified when you get new matches. You can mark profiles as favorites to even more easily revisit them. You can type private notes.

I also find that about 10 girls I actually already knew (and several of my guy friends), from hanging out with young adult singles in the area, were already on there so that is a huge trust point for me. Word of mouth has also made me trusting of it. It is not as guided as say, eharmony, but much more flexible and actually provides a good deal more information in the profile fields upfront. There is also a profile test to give you an idea of introvert/extrovert for what it may be worth. You can also setup a list of questions people can answer. Not many really use that feature - I think it is sort of like a Facebook, but where members are interested in meeting new people and perhaps starting relationships. So, everyone gets on to see who is out there in their area. The pictures are large in size and easy to organize and peruse. You can even just look through pictures members have been posting on the site to see if someone catches your eye.

I have a lot of positive things to say about this site. I've made some enhancement requests of their customer service as well (their service has always been prompt). The biggest inconvenience was that you can't see easily all the communication you've had with a member (which eharmony outdoes them on) - but for those members I continue contacting I've just started pasting the message thread into my own separate document and it's actually worked fine. I think you also cannot sort your Favorites list by distance (only by I think age, name, and date added to favorites). But again, the profile thumbnail picture, their location, any notes you've made about them, and their first paragraph from their About Me section.

Quite a good site in my opinion.

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    J_4047July 18th, 2011


    I have had terrible luck with catholic match. They are unprofessional, rude, and do not get back to you. They will also find a way to kick you off the site for no apparent reason after sucking in your money for years. I am possibly leaning towards taking legal action against them for this. I would not recommend this website at all!!! Do not sign up for Catholic Match. They were very very unprofessional to me. And after giving them 2 years of business, they were quick to boot me off the site based off of false information from another member and would not let me back on, which I think is a very classless thing to do for someone who had been a paying customer for years. When I did finally get a hold of them via the phone, they were very defensive and they were defensive as to why they wouldn't let me back on. They were also very defensive as to why they don't have phone contact information.
CatholicMatch Reviewed by RobUSA on . I was surprised to see lower ratings here. I've been paying on Catholic Match for about 3 months and the renewal price will be around $10 a month I believe, so quite cheap. Rating: 4