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Canoodle is a social dating app based on your interest. You sign up, and enter your favorite pastimes. You'll then be matched with other people who share your interests.

Canoodle helps you meet people who share your interests.

Once you've completed your profile on Canoodle you can start connecting with other people.

Common Interests

What you'll get out of Canoodle depends very much on how well you complete your "activities and interests" section. Because matching is based on common interests and lifestyle, you're matches will be focused on people who share a passion for those activities as well.

Connecting with People

Whether it's skiing, jogging or just watching TV, if it's on your list, you have a good chance of connecting with a like minded person. If you're stuck for choices there's always the trending interests list so you can see what's popular.

Canoodle provides location based matching through their app. This way you can find out who's nearby or if someone you've previously been in touch with is in your area.

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