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Better for women is a casual matchmaking site for people living anywhere. Unlike romance sites, CDate is exclusively for those seeking short-term, intimate relationships. If you're looking for this, it gives a free standard membership plan, but you'll need to upgrade to unlock most access.

Cdate is for people seeking short term sexual relationships.

Cdate considers itself a matchmaking site, but the bottom line is that it's for flings and casual connections only. The site is geared very much toward the over 30 crowd, at least from my use those are the people are most often bumped into.

Though there are definitely members who are younger - a quick search will reveal those in your area.

Beyond Singles

Couples are also welcome on Cdate. In all they have about 54,000 members. You can join for free but the bite is that this won't give you a whole lot of access. It's only a teaser. You'll get the obligatory upgrade reminders every time you venture away from the free options.

Cdate considers itself a matchmaking site, but the bottom line is that it's for flings and casual connections only.


Paid memberships are available, and give you more options, like a guarantee of a minimum number of proposals (which are requests for an encounter) and unlimited messaging. Everyone joins for free, and you pay when you make your first contact. The paid subscription is for a minimum of 3 months.

Keep in mind that because this site is geared toward more casual erotic relationships, there is a lot of adult content right off the bat. Even as you're registering, you'll be asked about your sexual preferences.

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  • Avatar

    WassyFebruary 27th, 2021

    Below average

    This afternoon I have tried to join having found an ad on Locanto. No confirmation was received at one email address, so I changed to another email address and have not been yet able to confirm despite trying a dozen times.
  • Avatar

    October808September 22nd, 2019


    The service is rubbish. Even as a Premium trial membership it's not worth a visit. Their profile photo approval system is draconian. There is NO search functionality. NO chat or forum functions. It gets an F. It doesn't know its geography. I told it to find women NEARBY my zip code not on outer islands. What does it do? Yep, outer island matching. I've already demanded cancellation of the free trial and complete expulsion of my profile information. I told them I'd be watching them. They won't last.
  • Avatar

    aheyesAugust 6th, 2019


    C -Date will try to renew your account without any reasonable mechanism to cancel. This website should be shut down. They try to suggest that to cancel your account you need to send a fax to a number in Luxembourg 14 days before your initial subscription expires. I will be reporting this site to Paypal and have reported their service to the UK Action Fraud website.
  • Avatar

    ChetMarch 19th, 2019


    Requested a refund the night I signed up. Had to wait a week to cancel. Now the they refuse to refund my money, but tell me I have 'access to the services until June 2019'. Why would I want access to their services if I requested a cancellation? They reference 'terms and conditions' but their obligation to their customers and to stand behind their service should supersede that.

    I should add that there is no option to cancel in the first week via the C-Date website as they 'need to wait for payment to process'. If you ever needed a reason to run a mile from a website it's that.

    Awful, awful experience. Intend to email and post to as may review boards as it takes to get my money back.Com
  • Avatar

    HandybookDecember 2nd, 2018


    This site is a complete waste of time and money. IF there are any real women on there, they must get so bombarded with messages that they run away from all the pressure. The only messages I got in three months were from scammers who tried to con me out of money ("I'm on holiday and I've lost all my money and passports and cards, if you love me send me £700 now!") or computer generated "Answer out survey" nonsense. Avoid.
  • Avatar

    peteb17September 24th, 2018


    C Date is the biggest rip off dating site there is and there are quite a lot. I paid for 1 months membership on the understanding it would be renewed automatically as I had previously purchased. I got my credit card statement through, they had charged me for 3 months at 139.00. It's virtually impossible to contact them so I cancelled my card so they couldn't rip me off again. 3 months later I had an email from them threatening me with a debt collecting agency if I didn't pay them another 139.00 as I'd broken my contract. I tried pointing out that all their profiles are fake and they were assisting in fraudulent activity by putting these people in touch with genuine clients but in the end I had to pay to get them off my back and at that point they agreed to cancel my subscription in a further 3 months time. I had loads of so called matches but they were all fake and just trying to extract money from me with various scams. They really are an appalling company and I don't know how they are still trading.
  • Avatar

    gvbeFebruary 18th, 2018


    SCAM is to use pics from others members and offer to come over to visit you at your apartment or home... more pics from same members, and then, send money to Western Union NIGERIA so the member can fly to you ...
    "Trust is the glue of life... The only way to trust someone is to go ahead and trust them.... send the 600EUR and we will be together soon "
    WOW--- we thought every NIGERIA Scam had been exhausted ... !!
  • Avatar

    aliguitar2010March 15th, 2017


    Dear friends,
    I joined cdate last week, now Im trying to delete my premium membership!
    I have sent a mail,
    should I send a fax too?
    this site is ****, please help me
    how could even such a site exist? isn't that a cyber crime?
    that should be stopped by the cyber police! it's a warning, stay off this f**king site!
    find girls in the out side world ! ! ! ! ! !
    then can you tell me what can I do know? to stop this site conning me? I want to immediately get out of this ****
  • Avatar

    tedFebruary 4th, 2014


    This site is a scam.The women are supposed to be in your area but when they contact you they are in Russia. The process to cancel subscription is complicated and they are based in Cyprus. STAY WAY FROM THIS SITE.
  • Avatar

    joe_4399October 7th, 2011


    This site seems to be a really bad joke. For almost two weeks I've been only receiving automated mail from non existing members. I have to say, not worth the bloody money. Please somebody prove me wrong.

    John_4588December 3rd, 2011


    Replied to joe_4399 @joe Site is a complete and utter joke. Fake profiles everywhere, almost no replies to messages no matter what is said. I honestly think the total lack of interaction is that it's just staff controlling all these female profiles. You also have to fax a form with your cancellation 2 weeks before your paid-for period expires, or else you're automatically charged again!
C Date 0.79 17 A review of C Date. is a casual matchmaking site for people living anywhere. Unlike romance sites, CDate is exclusively for those seeking short-term, intimate relationships.