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    shellySeptember 10th, 2009

    Above average

    I love this site but my account gets deleted all the time and I never do anything but have fun on it. I don't know why I get deleted. My friend list slowly disappears and my shoutouts, then boom I'm out.
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    KarenGravesFebruary 21st, 2009


    I'm a member of boM and absolute adore the site! I have met many personalities and wonderful people that truly have become great friends. I am seeking more than friendship, but I feel that with this website, it's a true possibility. Nothing but wonderful comments about Bookofmatches! Thegenuinegem ~ Member of boM.
BookofMatches 2.46 13 A review of BookofMatches. BookofMatches is a free to use singles site. It has a host of features such as real-time web chat, member rating, and personality tests.