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    ClaraOctober 18th, 2010


    I am sorry to hear the bad comments about bpm i had nothing but good results yes i had some bad ones but i found a very good man this time after dating for a year we are engaged to be married it took some time to find him but I have to thank BPM for the happy outcome ladies you really just have to be patient and do the process of a elimination like i did. Don't waste your time if they're not looking for the same things you're looking for. It's just like meeting a man anywhere now a days the initial conversation will let you know if he is serious. Don't give up on Bpm it took me about 2yrs to find my husband. definitely worth the wait.
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    Jessica_2594September 7th, 2010

    Below average

    I have been on for a while for over a year off and on. What I do, I make sure I put in my profile that if someone is interested in communicating with me to send Personal Messages only. That way it helps to filter through that fakeness and the manipulation of the website. I also add to it by saying that if you are truly interested in me but I may not be able to read your message, Bookmark me or FAV me so I can communicate at when I can. Then during my inactive times, I let my account build up with viewers that have Personal Messaged me, then I upgrade. This is how I use this site to my advantage. Through the initial conversation I either invite them to IM me or call me depending on the vibe I get. My experience has been more successful this way. The friendships I make don't last very long due to the men just being plain sorry, or they lied about their relationship status, or it just faded out. For whatever reason, I never get a Personal Message from anyone first, I always have to make the first contact. So just imagine if this was for everyone??? No one gets Personal Messages but you have to search and initiate first. I like my experiences on far better than BPM or Plentyoffish or You don't pay any money on Tagged and I still have guy friends that I talk to on the phone and who sometimes come and visit me. I am MORE satisfied there than anywhere else. BPM users use my technique and wait for the Personal Messages and see how much traffic you get or the lack there of from real people to make contact with. At the end of the day......I really do believe that ALL paid dating websites are manipulated to keep you single to make more money. I don't know how, I just feel it.
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    wtg2xhleAugust 29th, 2010


    This site is a joke. People pretend.. let me rephrase that... Men pretend they are interested with their flirts and nonsensical messages. When you call a brother out and give him a # or he gives you find out just how full of crap people on here are. I tried it for a year. Laid off for 8 mos. or so and signed back on for 1 mo. to see if maybe I was being too cynical or judgemental. But, nope...I was right. Most men on here are F.O.S.! Tell me...why would people pay money to make an ass of them self or someone else???? Oh. i know why.....BECAUSE>>>THEY>>>CAN>>>> ! My advice......Save Your Cash ladies !!!!!!!!
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    Jackie_2509August 18th, 2010


    Signed up on this website for 6 months. My account was screwed up and i never got the benefit of using the six month membership. Even after numerous attempts and messages they could not seem to straighten out my account, yet they had no problem billing my charge account. The few men that i did get to meet were not really seeking a true relationship. It's easy to charge the service to your account but you catch hell trying to get someone to help you out. Kept getting the run around after doing everything i was asked to do to get the situation fixed. Still to this day not resolved. What a waste.

    Lisa_2523August 22nd, 2010


    Replied to Jackie_2509 @Jackie We appreciate your comments and want you to know we are always looking for input from our members. The only way our fraud specialists can help is if members report fraud directly to us. If you see any suspicious activity or falsified profiles, please report them immediately via the "Report a Concern" button on every profile and/or your inbox. If you need help straightening out your account, please contact us here. Thank you, Lisa from
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    Mel_2387July 22nd, 2010


    Blackpeople meet is a could put in your zip code and they intentionally only show your profile to people out of state. However if you go into the search field there are plenty of possible matches in your area but somehow they have it set up to where they can not see it. Yes the men on the site have been on there for years and those are the one's who are looking for sex, you have to be smarter than them. Never had any problems with billing, but the men on the site are sub-standard and unfortunately don't know what they want. You won't know that until you start talking to them.
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    redJune 4th, 2010


    Black people meet is the worse site ever, many men on the site are only after one thing and one thing only. Most of the men are married but hide behind never been married at all. Pleanty of fake profiles on the site etc. i wish i had read the reviews of this site because i wasted my money on trash.
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    tMay 28th, 2010


    This site is terrible you get hundreds of responses but no quality. People send flirts or bookmark your profile and no conversation follows honestly how does that produce a connection? I am not sure what quality the men are getting but on the women side it's crap. I only tried it for a month cause I was just curious but never again. I should have read the reviews first but I heard so much about it on the Steve Harvey show that I thought it would be a good site.
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    AlliMarch 1st, 2010


    There are a lot of scammers. I had a guy steal my credit card #'s and use it to renew the site. It happens so often that they have an automated form where you type in your number and it pulls up who used your card. The company didn't want to reverse the charge. They said to get it from the guy because i know him. They should not be taking 3rd party payments. And there are a lot of guys just playing around. I don't recommend at all.
BlackPeopleMeet 2.06 42 A review of BlackPeopleMeet. is dating site for black singles or for people who want to meet someone who is black. They provide live chat, email, match suggestions, and a dating magazine. You'll need full membership to access email.