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I definitely agree. these men are either set-ups by Black People, or just plain liars. Within a month, i got messages from 256 men. All this was is a just game. you return emails, and this game just goes back and forth. Their responses is to contact them, but when you send your contact information; it just goes un-read...

You get a return or automatic message to contact. An example is one guy (or the owner of the site) sent me a message stating "Are you just going to keep looking at my pictures, or are you going to write me". I wrote this same so-called person four times. When i responded with an email stating this, i get a phone number to call. Okay, I call the phone number; just as I thought, nothing. Never an answer, no way of recording, and no call back. This is a scam.

I have responded to so many messages that was sent to me and nothing. I am on the East coast, it's like 2:56 a.m., (i am usually sleep. i just felt compelled to write this. Perhaps there is someone about there on the way t being scammed. These men are not real. I have been on this site off and on since 2009, I have yet to meet someone.

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