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Better for women is dating site for black singles or for people who want to meet someone who is black. They provide live chat, email, match suggestions, and a dating magazine. You'll need full membership to access email.

One of the biggest dating sites for black singles.

They say they're the #1 dating site for black singles. They have around 349,000 active at any time.

Once you get in you'll find everything you'd expect from a dating website. However access is very restricted until you upgrade your account. BPM has people from all nations and walks of life.


After the sign up, you can create a photo ad and then browse the profiles of others. Free members can't access their mail box until they upgrade. A membership upgrade gives full access to everything. This includes email, instant chat, videos and viewing interest from others. There's also an app that you can use if you prefer mobile.

The site is fast and easy to navigate. My only nag is that if you have a free account you will get directed to the "signup page" whenever you try to access a premium feature.


The searching option helps you find compatible matches. For premium users it shows who is online and who has viewed or bookmarked your profile in the last 10 days. When you come across a profile that you like, you can send a 'flirt' to let them know you are interested. One of the only way free members can show they are there.

This makes for a fun and lively atmosphere. The live chat allows for quick contact and conversation. But again this requires an upgrade to premium.

To Sum Up is fun, easy to use and navigate. The regular signup specials make it one of the most affordable dating sites around. Despite its name, has many nationalities and races in the profile pool.

They are well-established and are in no way exclusive. All races are welcome to join.

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  • Avatar

    frenchflavor1May 14th, 2019


    You have to jump through hoops to login. Their "secure" login is totally ridiculous. I don't even have to go through all these steps to log into my bank account. This is totally ridiculous. Sometimes you can barely make out the pictures you have to click on to get access to YOUR account. If by any chance you miss one picture, you have to do it again. After all that, if by any chance you did not enter your password correctly, you have to go through the whole process all over again. I have complained to the site managers about it and I'm sure others have too but they still have that stupid login security check. Very frustrating when all you want to do is go read a message.

    The people on there are always the same people. Very few new subscribers. Haven't made any real connections. I've had my account for years but this time as soon as my paid subscription expires, I'm closing my account for good and NEVER going back. Another thing that's really stupid, you get emails for members to check out but when you click on the link, it takes you to that stupid login screen and once logged in, you are on the regular home page. If you want to find that member you want to check out, you still can't find him....the username search never recognizes those usernames which leads me to believe they are all made up. On the positive side, I like that you can view the history you had with another member. the price is good too...but still not worth it. I definitely do NOT recommend this website.
  • Avatar

    realblackkingJuly 1st, 2017


    too many old chicks and ugly girls, fat girls and women with alot of kids and they keep talkng down on us black men the fact is no matter what site there on or were they are in public some how they always end up with the no good men go figure
  • Avatar

    Katrina4000February 18th, 2015


    MaCartney7 womanizer mooch druggie and sex **** addict from PA and NY. Claims to have been in the music industry. Is serial dating and it gets worst dont believe me just watch....
  • Avatar

    ladydeeMarch 20th, 2013


    It would be good if somehow you can have a open chat with all so you can see how a person interact with other's because a lot of guys on here are just playings games having a ball dating different women, when a lot of us are on here to meet a person who want a real relationship. not to mention people are paying for something better than this. I ws on for a month and got off ,later i tried again and it is the same people browsring
  • Avatar

    mudcreekMarch 3rd, 2013

    Below average

    I am single, well educated, great position, and have an outstanding work record. College educated, above average in appearance, well dressed and can hold a wonderful conversation about most subjects. I am good company , masculine, and not a " Diva Dude". I have always placed my ladies needs above my why is it that a well put together man has such a horrible time on this site. I have left, returned, and left again, and returned once again., E harmony and others really are just for caucasions and most certainly not for an African American male. I simply would like to meet a beautiful active Black woman for serious relationship. It appears this is not the place.

    kelrob4April 27th, 2013


    Replied to mudcreek Well my brother. You can bypass all the dating sites and get in touch with this sister. I am considering joining a dating site but might have to just let serendipity take over. Most reviews I've read of ALL the various sites are hit or miss. But it guess that's the way it is in real life as well. Oh well, good luck in love and friendship!
  • Avatar

    BerthaFordApril 24th, 2012

    Below average

    I have been on this site for over a year and have never had a date. I do not get anymore flirts or anything. I will not be returning. The men on here play too many games. They send me flirt and when I send one back there is no reply. This site is horrible. It is not worth the money.
  • Avatar

    Jay_4509November 9th, 2011

    Below average

    When I read some of the comments on here it is funny to me. The complaints women have about men I can say women do the same things. Women complain about men sending flirts? I can't tell you how many flirts I've gotten from women!

    One time I even got a flirt from a woman who's profile said on it ("Don't send me any flirts!") LOL

    Women say men lie about their real appearance or post old photos. OMG, you won't believe how often that happens to us guys too! Women say the men lie too much. WOW, are you kidding me? I have been lied to on a few occasions. I even went on a date with a woman whose profile said she had "zero" kids and turns out she really had FOUR! And of course we love the women who say they are a "few extra lbs", when they are like 80-100 lbs overweight. Women say the men don't have jobs? I can say the exact same thing about some of the women I have talked to on BPM. Trust me the recession didn't just affect men! There are plenty of women whom have gotten laid off too. So ladies, before you get so down on the guys, you all need to realize it's no picnic on our side of the fence either.
  • Avatar

    FoxyBrownOctober 3rd, 2011


    I appreciated Logi's story (post from April 10, 2011). Men often leave the fact that they are married out of the conversation, and that's really sad. However, I can't understand why she would believe that a man she met on the internet with a name like Issac Hayes was serious unless that bad mothafu(shut yo mouth) showed some ID.
  • Avatar

    DUSTINWALTERSApril 20th, 2011

    Just average

    How is this site not racist??? What if I started a site for only Mexicans? Whites? Am I not allowed to date a black woman? Give me break. I sell real estate in Arizona and what if I only sell to one race? I'm happy to discuss this with anyone.

    PasserByerApril 28th, 2011


    Re: What Is Racism?

    Racism describes societal patterns that impose oppressive or otherwise negative conditions against identifiable groups on the basis of race or ethnicity.

    BPM is not racist just because of its name. Racism is when one race deems itself to be superior in comparison to other races and uses its power to oppress other races of people. Are black people oppressing your race of people? Don't hate because blacks log on to a website to meet and greet. BPM is owned by whites. Stop hating and learn what institutionalized racism really is.

    MIMI_4874February 12th, 2012


    Replied to PasserByer Yes its racist very racist! If we had a site for whites only you all would cry and say we were being racist. That's bull @Passer Byer

    Angel_4945March 5th, 2012


    Replied to MIMI_4874 @MIMI Mimi, there are sites for whites only. They are called Eharmony,, Yahoo etc. All these sites where the average black woman is ignored. BPM doesn't ban white ppl or anyone. They make it possible for black and those that love black people to interact freely without feeling ostracized. If you can call that racist, then you must have been on the site and gotten no hits. Poor baby.

    Linda_3937June 22nd, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to PasserByer @Passer Byer First of all, you need to change the words 'black girls and black guys' to African American men and women. When reviewing articles about white dating sites you don't see the words "white girls and white guys" now do you ?

    SilviaApril 21st, 2011


    Replied to DUSTINWALTERS @DUSTIN WALTERS From Silvia, Black People Meet is not racist. If you wish to meet a Black women/man just go on the site and look at all the beautiful black women/men you can meet. Just because it has the title "Black People" doesn't mean others can't use the service. Mexican stores have Mexican names, Jewish stores have Jewish names, etc. This entity just chose to call the site Black People.
  • Avatar

    LogiApril 10th, 2011

    Below average

    I really liked black people meet... and I'm embarrassed about my story, but here goes. When I first registered to the website, I loved it. Black people meeting and greeting, I enjoyed all the emails. I eliminated some of my admirers and remained in contact with two males. The male that I really connected with, lived in my area. He marked his status as "single and looking for a serious relationship". So I was excited to meet him. We met and went on a nice date to a movie. Things progressed within the month as we continued to see each other. One day I received an email from his wife threatening me to leave him alone, so I did. Months passed and just as summer came around, I noticed this man driving past my house several times as I was leaving out. He called me and said he was no longer with his wife, but I told him the only way we could go out again is if he could prove his marital status.

    I did a Google search on this guy and found an article or transcript from dateline MSN... a transcript from the Count Down with Keith Olbermann Show. It appears that several women complained about this man on In the transcript Keith Olbermann is interviewing the owner of In the interview, she explains that several women have complained about this particular man.. His name is Isaac Hayes and he goes by other names like Josias West. He pretends to be Jamaican/Rastafarian. I just feel the site attracts married men, and it's shocking to know these men are willing to pay monthly fees just to play around with women. I'm sure there are good men on the site, but the bad ones need to be gutted out. I haven't been back to Black People Meet in 4 years.
BlackPeopleMeet 2.06 42 A review of BlackPeopleMeet. is dating site for black singles or for people who want to meet someone who is black. They provide live chat, email, match suggestions, and a dating magazine. You'll need full membership to access email.