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A biker website for single men and women who live and love the motorcycle lifestyle. BikerPlanet let's you hook up with like minded singles. Inside you'll find biker photo, personal profiles and searching to help find your motorcycling partner.

Biker People

BikerPlanet is one of just a handful of online places that cater to "biker dating". It's for singles and couples who live and love the biker lifestyle. You don't have to be on the lookout for romance to get involved either. There are people looking for touring partners, new biker buddies and just about anything else.

Looking for a tall blonde biker babe or a hairy, cigar smoking Harley Davidson rider?

Inside BikerPlanet it is pretty much bog standard, with messaging, photo browsing and detailed personal profiles. You send flirts or messages to get people's interest and they either respond or ignore you.

Going further there's the advanced search option which lets you look for a like minded partner to ride off into the sunset with. This lets you refine your criteria when you're after something specific - a tall blonde biker babe perhaps? Or a hairy, cigar smoking Harley Davidson rider?


In addition, video uploading, chat and instant messaging features help create more of a connection while getting to know a prospective match. Site members can stay in contact in real time and do so all in a safe venue. For those who like to mingle, site forums are a great way to stay active with the community as a whole and make new friends. offers a free three day trial membership for new members. offers a free three day trial membership for new members. This means you can test drive and see if it's for you or not. The free trial provides access to many of the site's premium features. If it's not for you, you'll need to cancel the free trial at the end of the period. Else it rolls into a thirty day membership for $29.95.

If your looking for an alternative biker hangout, there's also BikerKiss.

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  • Avatar

    BurgerjoeJuly 1st, 2020


    waste of money and time. the people that you see online is a farce. If you initiate a chat nobody is online. I checked 2 dozen people and not one was online even though it showed they were online. In addition there are so many fake accounts and scammers that the company has to be part of the scam. Do not plan to meet anyone on this site. One of their ploys is to get you to sign up for affiliate sites. I wish I had found this site before signing up.
  • Avatar

    JDJanuary 5th, 2020


    SCAM. The log-in kicks back every single time the password is set, and there are less than 5 users within 100 miles of my fairly large city. Repeated requests for help with login have gone ignored. The charges are certainly showing up on my bank statement, though! I've asked half a dozen times for help with the log-in and have had NO replies. Absolute waste of time and money. I've been trying for over two weeks to get on this site with no results.
  • Avatar

    badboy566September 12th, 2015


    I was a member for 11 days. Sending a lady messages. During the message time frame the company could not explain why my membership was cancelled. The biker planet have nice people in customer service. But when this company sends a reply as the lady was notified my profile was removed by this site due to suspicious activity! That is so wrong. Told C.S. to remove me of everything. C.S. could not explain why this happen? I tried to contact them by phone that displayed the number and got a different dating site. I learned their company in Florida has 100 different sites and they said this happens often. NEW MEMBERS PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JOIN!
  • Avatar

    Jon_4627December 14th, 2011


    Thank you all for your comments. Yes I did join also and I have to agree I haven't had to many tech problems but notice how the responses from others don't show up and how many times they put your pics on other sites and fill out your profile for you. Since they take all your info that you fill out. I get mail from sites I've never heard of and I already have a profile with them. How's that? They realize that everyone does not have much time to go out and meet people and take full advantage of it. I know I will not re-new my membership again.

    To all the riders out there stay on 2 wheels and enjoy the ride

  • Avatar

    DOctober 18th, 2011


    Yes, I agree. Bikerplanet has too many technical problems that cannot or won't be fixed. I have reported these problems several times to customer service and they refuse to remedy the problem and continue to ignore my courteous appeals to them. Not so much as a courtesy e-mail from them. They have not looked into the site problems! The reason I know it is site related....when you click the answer to the question when signing onto the site.... it repeats the answer you marked, more than once. Example:

    Type of relations you are seeking? Friend, date, committed, friend, date, committed....

    See how it repeats itself? This is an IT related issue. Bikerplanet refuses to fix all the problems, including the one above.

    PS ....Their entire site has went down-hill within the last year anyway, I had been debating canceling my account for the longest, looks like it's time to cancel and move on!!
  • Avatar

    David_2951November 19th, 2010


    Not very user friendly. Very proprietary and not willing to provide cancellation information. Automatic renewal... Watch out.
  • Avatar

    JanaSebastianAugust 18th, 2010


    Biker Planet is definitely a fraud- they are also on Facebook, bikerplanet, where they are using my Facebook profile photo to impersonate me, and thereby to promote their business. I have reported this, and would like to state that I am not endorsing this group, and it has nothing to do with me- yet there does not seem to be much that i am able to do about having my identity hijacked in this way.
  • Avatar

    peterlinneyFebruary 14th, 2010


    I signed up and paid for a premium membership, and had some tech problems, but they were quite quick at getting back to me with a fix. I built a very nice site as I am a photographer of custom bikes and put up bikes from some of the best bike builders in America. And I sent out mails to some 20-30 CA girls that I thought look nice. I never got one response back from them, not even a peak at my site from any of them?? That sends me a signal that something are wrong.. I have been on Match for a few months, and I would say that about 2/3 of the ones you send a mail to have a look at what you send and your site, as the system there shows you that. Same at BikerPlanet.

    I have told them about all this, and asked them to charge me some, but I am asking for my money back. They have given me some good advice, but it does not deal with the problem I have and they refuse to send back any money.. I think they simply do not have the membership to sustain the money they are asking, so they are trying to get away with fraud. Be warned.. Peter

    camillaJune 18th, 2010


    Replied to peterlinney @peter linney Hello from London but I'm from California. I am also convinced that Biker Planet is a fraud. My email is I feel really ripped off with this site, I'd like to hear from you. All the best, Cammie from California in London for too long.

    Anthony_2323July 3rd, 2010


    Replied to camilla @camilla Are you still of the opinion that biker planet is a fraud? I was about to join and saw ur posting.... Let me know thanx. I'm off to Stugis this August but not till the 8th or so. Are you still single?
  • Avatar

    PSeptember 10th, 2009


    I have signed up on this site and have paid for a premium membership. The site was working for a while but then it gave me a big problem after I had tried to fill out my profile. I filled it in per the guidelines set by the site, however, it became stuck on that same page, and no clickable links would work except for logging out. I have reported this problem several times to customer service and they refuse to remedy the problem and continue to ignore my courteous appeals to them. It is a shame that I have wasted a membership fee on something that will not work. This is similar to fraud or stealing and they are able to get away with it.

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