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Better for women is one of the larger Indian Matrimonial sites. With around 165,000 members, it has features tailored to the needs of Indian singles who're seeking their marriage partner. It's free to register, create a photo profile and start a searching.

BharatMatrimony is a cultural website that combines technology with tradition.

It's for single Indian women and men with matrimonial aspirations who want to find a marriage partner in any caste.

Finding Your Match

Castes include Baishya, Banik, Barujibi, Baidya, Baishnab, Brahmin, Karmakar, Mahishya, Goala and many more, and this can be used to refine your search along with domain and specific religion.

Each person's profile is detailed and gives information on their background concerning age, religion, family details, their education and their current occupation.


Once a member you can use the advanced search option to find a match. You then make contact via chat, email or even by phone for paid site members. You are allowed to sign up for free. Later you can opt to upgrade membership and this will lift the restrictions on emailing.

BharatMatrimony has a choice of 3 members' packages.

Among the Indian community it is popular with professional, educated people as well as expatriates.

If you prefer mobile, they have a simple and quick app that you can download.

Involve the Family

Like, they allow family members to get involved. Whether that be parents, siblings or other relatives, if they're approved they can list a relative's profile for them.

You can choose to have the information on your profile verified. This helps if you're serious. It also helps ensure that listings are authentic and accurate.

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  • Avatar

    Chris_1416January 4th, 2017

    Below average

    This folks they claim they have 10 million entrees. useless search throws the same junk all the time from the site. Employ better tool folks
  • Avatar

    AceDecember 14th, 2016


    TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. If you are not in India then only people who contact you are some scumbags from India. All the people you apply in your country of residence only reject you. I think Indian people especially parents are extremely greedy and racist for that matter. It might be really good for girls because they get contacts from all the guys and they guys are getting robbed by high fees and poor services of the matrimonial sites with no results at all. SHAME ON YOU PARENTS.
  • Avatar

    ReD_3130January 2nd, 2011


    The service provided is below standard..... Pls don't enrol in this site and waste ur time and money...
  • Avatar

    Raj_654February 20th, 2009


    They are extremely unprofessional and unscrupulous. Before joining the website, they had a watch which they were offering as a promotion. They promised us that the watch would be delivered to our home within a week of us making our payment. However the watch never got to us. We called to remind that after about a month. They promised that it would be taken care of and apologized. Yet again, no watch was delivered. We called again to remind them; however, to no avail. It's been 6 months now, and they still have not delivered the watch. When they realized that our membership was expiring in a few days, they called us to renew it.

    When we mentioned about the watch, they said that if we renew our membership, they would send someone home with the watch at the time of renewal! It is nothing short of blackmail and extremely cheap and unethical on the part of For us, it is absolutely not the question of a simple watch - it's the question of unethical and unscrupulous practices on the part of

    Their customer service is horrible as well. If you require something, in regards to questions about your profile, membership, etc. (once you have already paid, that is), they are absolutely not responsive and ignore any help you may need. However they are extra sweet and polite at the time of taking membership - that is, before you have paid your money. I would strongly recommend other matrimonial websites over these guys. Stay's almost like a bad omen to go with It's definitely not worth it.
Bharatmatrimony 1.25 4 A review of Bharatmatrimony. is one of the larger Indian Matrimonial sites. With around 165,000 members, it has features tailored to the needs of Indian singles who're seeking their marriage partner.