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Gender make-up More men
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Better for women is for anyone who wants a more adventurous dating experience. As a member you'll have the chance to browse naughty photos or chat and flirt online. Women can use everything for free. Limited guest accounts for men don't allow email or chat.

BeNaughty is just for casual relationships.

Getting Started...

It's not as explicit as sites like Adult Friendfinder or Hornymatches, but neither does it pretend to be a matchmaking site. It's quite a big community with around 102,000 active users.

It is owned and run by Cupid Plc - their other sites include Sex in the UK and Girls Date for Free.

Women can access all areas of the site for free including messaging, videos, and chat rooms, while men must pay.

The free men's guest account allows very limited privileges: You can't access email, messenger, nor view full size photos or videos. Although you can receive email messages, you won't be able to open them until you upgrade... one of the site's many "teaser" tactics which try to get you to buy into full membership.

On logging-on with your free guest account, you'll be prompted with a message telling you how many people tried to contact you but couldn't (because you don't have a photo). There's also another annoying popup which keeps asking you to add the site's email address to your contact list. This will allow their marketing material to reach your inbox.

messages prompt


BeNaughty is not a site for "techno-phobes". It has a "ton of options" and each section has its own selection of sub-pages. If you choose "Search", for example, another set of options appear which allow you to choose exactly which search type : Online, New Members, Friends, Favorites... Other things available include:

  • Advanced profile searching:
    Search for videos and photos, by lifestyle and appearance...
  • A community section:
    Blogs, chat rooms, success stories and forums
  • Apps section (Downloads):
    A messenger-tool and browser add-ins
  • Mobile Apps:
    You can download the Android app for your smart phone

As if this weren't enough, there are more options to choose from in the toolbar which appears at the bottom of the page. Quick links to all areas can be found on the toolbar, along with Facebook style notifications which will tell you who's tried to get in touch.

Searching for people

One of the nice features is the search form. The quick search box allows you to filter out profiles without photos, videos, or which otherwise don't match your basic preferences. Advanced searching allows you to dig a lot deeper and permits selection on physical appearance, relationship status, ethnic background and more.

The "Search History" is a handy button which displays your most recent search activity. Just click on one of them, and that search will be run again for you. Full members have the option to sort results in various orders such as "last visit", "distance" and "age".


Unless you upgrade, you will have very few options to communicate on BeNaughty. Sending winks and ice-breakers is free - you can also create a favorites list. Profiles can be rated. Unfortunately though it is not possible to search for the most highly-rated profiles.

Profiles you've viewed appear in the top tab section for easy access. Clicking any of the tabs will take you back to that person's page. You can clear these at any point by clicking the "cross" button.


Within a few moments of signing-up, I was hit every few minutes with chat requests from unknown people. This seems suspicious given that my profile was completely empty and I didn't have a photo uploaded. Accepting a chat invitation, "of course", will take you to the upgrade page.

chat prompt

I was also receiving 4-5 email messages per day, and likewise trying to open a message will prompt you to part with cash before being able to proceed.

All-in-all, this doesn't inspire trust in the site and just seems a bit "bogus".

To sum up....

BeNaughty has a large selection of naughty singles located in the U.S, U.K and beyond. If you are a man, signing up with a free account will allow you access, minus the ability to communicate or view full size photos. Women can access chat and email with their free accounts.

The site is aimed more at younger people who want a flirty or naughty encounter either online or in real life. It's not suitable for those seeking romance. Men are in abundance, outnumbering women by around 4 to 1, despite the free access that women are offered.

BeNaughty is "feature rich", but it doesn't have the most intuitive layout. The community areas such as chat rooms, forums and blogs add interest and are where people really express themselves.

The good

  • Good selection of features
  • Nice platform, once you get the hang of it
  • Active community section: blogs, forums, chat rooms
  • Safety features: Optional membership verification

The bad

  • Lots of popups and ads
  • Suspicious messages and chat requests
  • Free male users can't communicate, view full-size photos, and can't watch videos
  • Chatrooms are inaccessible until you upgrade (men only)
  • Verification: There's a monthly fee, simply for the privilege of being "certified"
  • There's a delete option, but they inform you that your profile will re-activate should you log-in to the site again - so your details are never permanently removed.
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  • Avatar

    zoe2019March 26th, 2019

    Just average

    I want find some passion in here. These guys seem sincere, but I still can't find a man in here. I don't know what I did wrong, this website stopped my account, It is too bad. I don't want stop my search !
  • Avatar

    David08December 31st, 2017

    Above average

    If you are decent looking and know how to communicate it can be worth it. Just keep in mind that there are some fake profiles. In my opinion nnother issue is that the man-woman-ratio is pretty bad, much worse than on other good casual dating sites. As I mentioned before it can be worth checking out but be patient and use your common sense!
  • Avatar

    farooqJanuary 17th, 2017


    I am 19 years old. I am very happy to keep relationship.
  • Avatar

    Maria_4678December 28th, 2016

    Above average

    You better check. That's what I call an adult dating.
  • Avatar

    kevin_3892December 22nd, 2016


    when i opened benaughty webpage why had to opened this webpage all the times i cant get through, i dont understand
  • Avatar

    johnaDecember 14th, 2016


    stay away from this site its a rip off before i signed i got emailed alot well then i decide to join and all the emails stoped hm fishy to me and try get your money back its also hard B.S
  • Avatar

    GrahamJFebruary 10th, 2016

    Below average

    Recently signed up to this website, didn't take me long to realize it was a lemon. Too many fake people on site not as good as it looks. There are better sites without any doubt. Try to get laid.
  • Avatar

    KirstiJune 11th, 2011

    Above average

    I have been on be naughty for about 4 months now, i have met up with one guy and had plenty of offers from what appear to be genuine guys up for a bit of fun. I love the site (even if there are some very strange men on there, however recently the chat and emails on my account stopped working, I have set up 4 accounts now and the same thing has happened on all of them, so have given up for now, due to numerous emails to admin. It's a shame, spent many an evening entertained on that site. x
  • Avatar

    kevin_3891June 11th, 2011


    Why can't benaughty work in thailand? When i open, it will go to another web site.
  • Avatar

    angshuApril 17th, 2011

    Just average

    i want to member to yr benaughty...but i have no credit pls tell me how it is possible for me and also i want to know Indian address.....which i can be helped from pls...tell me.
BeNaughty 2.37 22 A review of BeNaughty. is for anyone who wants a more adventurous dating experience. As a member you'll have the chance to browse naughty photos or chat and flirt online. Women can use everything for free.