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The site is not the issue... I am merely notating this to warn other women. I am a attractive plus size princess and on average I receive around 10 emails a day and around the same amount of 'interest' notification.

The issue I have experienced, is there is a group of people who engage in very convincing conversation and will remove their profile because they 'found you'. So far they deal with business in the 'Oil & Gas' industry or 'US Military' and travel for business.

They are willing to relocate and have strong feelings for you within a week...this for me is off putting and many woman I am certain will fall for it.

Here is the deal.... When on a business trip they will lose their wallet and need you to send them money..PLEASE DO NOT DO IT!!! I immediately tell them to lose my information however I have had one that continued to harass me and took it to a very dark place.

I have been on the site for a month and this has happened 3 times...each man very different. The last one was soo good I felt it was that important to post a warning on the review site.

Please be careful...from what I have read on a couple of male profiles, it happens on their side too. I believe it is a team effort scam, one person communication via computer IM/Text and when you get the phone calls it is someone completely different. Just be careful :) I have reported each person and their profile was removed, however the scary one popped back up and the site has not removed him.

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