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BBWCupid is a dating site where bigger than average women and men can find love, marriage or a long-term relationship. It provides a welcoming and safe environment with several options for getting to know other people quickly and effectively.


This site is calls itself a place for big beautiful woman and their admirers. If you are ready to get to know plus singles for friendship and romance you can do so with activities such as video mail and instant messaging.

The vibe is very friendly and inviting.

Chat rooms and private onsite messaging allow you to talk incognito.

Plus Sized Heaven?

If you're a fan of plus sized people - either women or men - then a special purpose site like BBWcupid can be a good option for you.

Everyone starts as a guest. Guest accounts are created by filling in the form at the home page. Once a member you join others with the same mindset and outlook without worrying about dress size or gym selfies.

Inside you get a chance to do the personality survey. There are 7 sections to this, and it includes everything from physical appearance, hobbies and interests, personality - right down to the type of relationship you want.

A fully completed personality section is the only way people will be able to discover you.

I strongly recommend filling in these sections because this is the only way people will be able to discover you. Empty profiles get virtually no attention.

Finally in the last step, you'll have a choice to verify your profile by uploading an ID document. Verified profiles get more attention and appear higher up in searches - though there appear to be few of them.

Guest membership

The free guest membership that includes photo uploading and limited email access can be upgraded to Gold membership at any time. Guest members can send messages, however if the recipient is also a free member, they won't be able to read it unless they (or the sender) upgrades.

The site's chat rooms and private onsite email allow you to talk incognito. But like most dating sites you'll need upgraded membership and pay at least one month to do the real stuff.

While a Gold membership allows for full email and chat privileges, the Platinum membership offers full site access with video, voice and text messaging options.

Personal Qualities

Cupid Tags allow you to add a few personal qualities to make you profile more individual.

On clicking a Cupid Tag, you'll be shown other people who've tagged themselves with this property. For example, clicking "out-going" will take you to people who've marked themselves as extroverts.

The activity menu is a handy way to get a heads up on how you are doing. You can quickly check who's interested in you, & who's viewed your profile or hot listed you.

On the other side, you can check you're interests by seeing who've winked at, added as a favorite and who's profile you've viewed.

Cupid Tags are a good way to discover people by their personal interests. offers a safe environment where big beautiful women and their admirers can chat, mingle and get to know each other without any pressure. Profiles are moderated and this important safeguard is used to ensure less in the way of bogus or empty profiles.

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  • Avatar

    bart5May 30th, 2020

    Below average

    i am 32 years old man, i am looking for a good bbw that need husband, black or white girl, i am black guy.
  • Avatar

    manyDecember 19th, 2018

    Just average

    i need the true love
  • Avatar

    PolarJoJanuary 5th, 2017

    Just average

    It may be the best of another sub par website. The biggest issue for me is, it is very difficult to tell who is genuine, or authentic. The number of scammers and players can be a nightmare - and they are trying hard to use you or get your personal information. The site in my opinion (like all sites) could do a lot more to keep out these scammers, but they dont & rely on their customer to point out problems (bad form). Also the site needs more quality women - they should offer lower rates for verified women, and slightly less for men who are verified.Has potential IF managers would hear their customer.
  • Avatar

    sirajuddeenJanuary 5th, 2017

    Just average

    looking for my partner good looking good character should share everything in life honesty cultured
  • Avatar

    JeffSMarch 21st, 2015


    I have met a good number of women on this site. The women are friendly, playful, and BBW attractive - and I do like larger women. A paid membership worked best and I got a lot of email and views. I tried a non-paid membership and it did limit me, but a good number of women with memberships are available, so I have hooked up with a few of them. The conversation is lively and skyping can get pretty wild at times - but I have thoroughly enjoyed this site and the women on it. As for scammers, yeah I have been contact by a number of very young Asian women, sometimes weighing less than a hundred pounds, who are very literacy challenged - what's wrong with this picture.
  • Avatar

    bbdubskindaguySeptember 4th, 2012


    This site is honestly a joke. I like the idea of a place where you can meet big women without "the embarrassment" or what have you, but the fact that you can't communicate with them without paying is ridiculous. I know of a lot of dating sites that let you do this for free, and the payment part of it is more for just having a bigger inbox or other "perks" that aren't really needed. I'm pretty let down. There are some good looking bbws on this site (granted, they all live far away it seems), but I can't talk to any of them. Dumb!

    kissgrilOctober 28th, 2013

    Just average

    Replied to bbdubskindaguy I agree it's annoying but I found it the same on most other sites. I tried pof but when you look on there you find that most of the people turn out to be inactives. And where you pay for perks there's usually some other thing that is not accessible until you pay so you don't win really. When the whole service is free like on pof it's just an open door to scammers.
  • Avatar

    optigrrlJune 14th, 2012


    I agree with KC to a degree. While I have yet to be asked for money, it seems that there are a lot of men just looking for a sexual encounter. Most of them cannot spell or utilize proper capitalization. Also - the majority of men seem to be from the UK. Is this an overseas dating site?
  • Avatar

    KCAugust 20th, 2011


    I tried this site for 3 weeks, what kind of responders did I get? One aggressively asked for money (pix was too good to be true), and lots and lots of graphic sex talk. Not a single guy was really interested in making any type of connection.
  • Avatar

    LovelyblissMay 19th, 2011


    I just joined this site a few days ago, and have found that the majority of men on here seem to be much more attractive than the generally dating site. This should be great news right? Wrong.... as I kept browsing a very attractive, tall blond hair blue eyed delicious looking fellow popped up and WOW! It was my very dear, very gay friend that lives in South Florida, not California. Who is 35, not 29, and who certainly is not interested in BBW Woman. Or BHM for that matter.

    I emailed my friends a link to this profile and pics and he confirmed that his photos have in fact been stolen from Facebook and used to create this false add.

    It has been a few more days, and I have noticed a pattern that the most attractive men tend to be "Platinum" or "Gold" Members who you cannot email unless you upgrade as well. And the more average guy (who are what I would expect) tend to be Standard members for whom you cannot chat with unless you upgrade as well.

    I'm just very suspicious as to if it is the site that creates these false adds to lure people into upgrading. Or if there really are that many people creating false profiles on their own? Either way, it has left a bad taste in my mouth for this site.

    CustomerServiceBBWCupidMay 22nd, 2011


    Replied to Lovelybliss @Tamara First of all I would like to assert, we definitely DO NOT create any fake profiles on the site and do not lift photos of Facebook or anywhere else for this purpose. Unfortunately sometimes some individuals create fake profiles on the site and while we do our best to remove them, sometimes we have to rely on our members to give us a heads up. If you have noticed a fake profile on BBWCupid, we would appreciate you sending us the member's details on and we will investigate it.

    Secondly, as a standard member, you ARE able to contact Gold and Platinum members - so you should have no trouble emailing the men you are interested in. Unfortunately, to communicate with a standard member, you will need to upgrade.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Avatar

    PortiaJune 30th, 2010

    Just average

    I would like to meet a young eligible bachelor who is 22 and can stimulate me intellectually.
BBWCupid 2.44 15 A review of BBWCupid. BBWCupid is a dating site where bigger than average women and men can find love, marriage or a long-term relationship.