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I am currently living in China and have been checking out the ChnLove site for over a year. Yes, I am obsessed with Chinese women to the point that I actually moved here.

Here is my opinion of the ChnLove site: I spent some money and supposedly conversed with some of the potential matches. The respondents there would not give me email addresses. They would always make me continue paying the site for messages. They kept saying that they did not want to converse without ChnLove's translator. I explained about Google translator, but she still refused my request.

I made my first trip to Zhuhai in March10. While there I wrote to a woman in Shenzhen which is an hour ferry ride away from where I was staying. When I ask to meet her, she tells me that she would rather just converse on the site.

Now I live in Suzhou and although I refuse to invest any more money into this site, I thought I would try one more test. I wrote on my profile that I was living in Suzhou and that I did not want to converse through the site, but wanted to only meet face-to-face. The interest notes still kept coming in although none of them mentioned the fact I was in Suzhou. Many of them referred to the fact that they would love to come to America and visit me or would love to show me around China.

I then sent out the free cupid notes to the women on the site. When I did this when I lived in the US, the women would respond 99% of the time. When I did this in China to women living outside of Suzhou, it was about the same percent. But when I sent them to women in Suzhou stating that I am here for the marrying, I received responses that they were not interested in me every time.

I am now convinced that this site is a rip-off. Even if some lucky guy has actually met a real woman on that site, I still do not believe that most of those women on that site are there seeking marriage. I am now convinced this is a scam. Do not spend money on this site. Try instead. I am presently dating a woman I met there. It's not that expensive either.

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    Martin_5144May 23rd, 2012

    Above average

    Well, I think I have to thank Chnlove helping me find my true love. I've tried many websites only to be disappointed. Too many scammers, direct contact does not help, communication moved nowhere, no one is serious for a committed relationship. I was so hopeless until I found Chnlove. Their translation services were excellent, which helped ease the communication gap, which I believe expedited our first meeting and, eventually, marriage. I've met my perfect lady and will no longer need their services, but I'll surely recommend them to my friends who wish to find a Chinese wife.
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    VictorKahillMay 22nd, 2012

    Below average

    I have made contact with several apparently lovely ladies via the Chnlove web site, trouble is it can take forever to establish direct contact with them, supposedly because Chnlove want to derive as much income as possible and therefore will not pass on my contact details. But my biggest gripe is that many of the ladies I have been interested in corresponding with, bear little resemblance to the photos displayed on the Chnlove website. In my view this lack of photo honesty and refusal to allow direct contact amounts to scam. The above comments are not always representative however, but in my experience, mostly so.
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    Geoff_3409February 23rd, 2011

    Just average

    My Chnlove experience is mostly positive. I joined Chnlove in Nov 2009. Agencies ignored my profile preferences & tried to introduce unsuitable ladies. So I set my profile as 'hidden' & did my own browsing. I put any woman of interest on Favorites list & this alerted her agency. Most contacts went nowhere and some translators no good. After 7 months I saw profile of 'L' and really liked her. Translator 'V' was great & exchange of long emails steadily warmed up. We had two video calls with V's help then direct phone calls via Skype. In late Dec 2010 I flew to China; for over 5 weeks L & I shared apartment she'd found. L is attractive, smart, affectionate, sexy & very caring. Language was difficult at times, L learning English, but we coped and translator V gave phone help. I met some of L's family and got on well with them. Finally I proposed marriage and L accepted. In all my contact with L there has not been anything inconsistent about her. Yes we have a lot of work ahead with visas etc but she's worth it.
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    CHNLNoThanksJanuary 17th, 2011


    I have been a member on ChnLove as well for a long time and been cheated, note that there are SOME real ladies but often a bit older but the chances are quite big you end up talking with the translator instead.

    Secondly the agencies behind ChnLove are to various degrees dodgy and leeching customers and make up fabricated letters, there's quite much to say about ChnLove and I would urge people to check out the following link which has become a hub on centralised scam information on ChnLove with further links to other sites with more information in the matter.

    Unfortunately I discovered that link too late, but I hope it can help others from being scammed!
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    Tom_3129January 2nd, 2011

    Below average

    James and Mark are both correct. It is the agencies who are promoting the girls. Most of the girls will have one basic letter which was written for them by the agency and this letter is sent out to many prospective men - yes it's impersonal but you have to remember these girls speak little if any English and they have don't have access to the internet like we are all used to here in the West. They are not in a position to write personal letters to every man that might be interested in them. Reviewed by James on . I am currently living in China and have been checking out the ChnLove site for over a year. Yes, I am obsessed with Chinese women to the point that I actually moved here. Rating: 1