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I have been to several authentic dating sites such as and, and even though I am 26 years old and actually quite good looking, and athletic, still, I don't get tons of letters. Many chicks check out my profile, but they do not write me. Now, with you have to be pretty naive not to recognize the obvious scam. I was previously scammed at another site, think it was, and some beautiful girl just tricked me into creating a profile.

Well is 100 times more obvious. The day after I created a profile, 3 of the most beautiful Chinese women showed interest in me. WHAT!? The second day, 2 more!? 5 Gorgeous girls in two days? What a crock of bull#¤%&! The following factors are a 1000% sign that this site is nothing but scam:

- 5 extremely beautiful girls contact you after only 2 days (this would never ever ever happen at or

- The girls' pictures are all model pictures, and the girls pose in sexy ways (not any possible way would these girls be interested in common men like yourself - sorry to say).

- And probably the most revealing sign of them all: Never ever ever would they write you a letter like the ones you receive from them. Yes, they claim the letters to be translated, but the mere length of the letter and the quality of the content is completely unrealistic, and I am surprised that the owners of the site actually manage to fool some people.

This scam SHOULD not be hard to recognize. Unfortunately for some, it is. My advice? Obviously and, as genuine and honest sites. But if you really really want a Chinese girl? Go to China, live there, work there, and then maybe after some years return with your girl or wife. It is not impossible to find one on the internet, but your chances are 1000 times higher in China itself.

Good luck

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    Ray_5089April 21st, 2012

    Above average

    I have been a member of chnlove for just over 2 months and have been writing most days to just one lady. I have not only had her professional pictures sent to me but home photographs from when she was a child, although you can tell it is the same lady she is obviously not as gorgeous as the photoshop pictures are. I have already arranged to meet her in June this year and I am also in contact with her without going through chnlove. So all in all I am very content with this site but watch this space and I will keep you informed as what happens in the future.

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    MrexclusiveJanuary 27th, 2011


    Speaking from someone who has a lot of experience with very attractive Asian women I smell scam. The main reason is because these girls in reality are very shy and usually a little awkward especially when first meeting them. Which is the complete opposite from the whole chnlove thing, polite, respectful, shy and rarely the type to openly approach you in this fashion. It happens (if you know what you're doing) but in a shy cute way.
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    JackSmithDecember 26th, 2010


    Martin from Denmark is absolutely correct. I've spent years in China. And believe me, there are not that many women that are that good looking, as the chnlove website would have you believe. You'll get an absurd amount of interest, compared to other "authentic" sites where the women are more "normal" looking - photos that are not photoshopped beyond recognition. Best advice? Avoid this website - it's your money. Reviewed by Martin on . I have been to several authentic dating sites such as and, and even though I am 26 years old and actually quite good looking, and athletic, still, I don't get tons of letters. Rating: 1