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I think Chnlove is a great place for men to find the love of their life in China. The fact that you can search for women and browse their pictures for free is a great feature. The site features some of the most beautiful women in the most populous country in China.

But you need to be careful when you are a first time user of a mail order bride service. As with all mail order bride websites, it is not without its share of scammers. Some of the other online dating sites don’t screen their applicants as thoroughly as Chnlove does, and as such chances are you might not be as successful. And make sure you understand the success fees you may cough up….which means the service can be expensive…But just be careful never to send money to women on any mail order bride site unless you’re sure of their intentions. Bottom line: Use the same caution and common sense with that you would in any dating situation when you’re first getting to know someone. Ask for refund if you are sure about there’s fraudulent operation. has a well-deserved reputation for protecting member interest and for going the extra mile to make using as safe and worry-free as possible for members. According to, all profiles are vetted and they have full time staff review all profiles and photos before they are posted to make sure they are appropriate and real.

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    wanOctober 20th, 2011


    Too expensive to write this kind of letter and online chatting is worse. For all the ladies online chatting is free of charge. Just hunting US dollars for this kind of service.
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    Dave_3994July 6th, 2011

    Below average

    Chnlove, so many beautiful and intelligent women that fall in love with you instantly just seems fishy to me.
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    John_3950June 24th, 2011

    Just average

    I agree with Bob too. If the lady ain't willing to exchange email addresses or telephone numbers, move on, there will be someone who's more interested in communicating directly. You need to evaluate whether the lady is really interested in you. If she is then she will make the effort. I know that some ladies like testing men's patience to see how serious they are by writing more letters through agencies.
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    DamienMay 30th, 2011


    I was a member for the site ChnLove, I am Chinese hence I am bilingual, even so, all my communication had to go thru the agency...that raises a red flag? Yes, I wrote them in Chinese as well, the reason given by them,'s more convenient, they get notified the moment my email reaches the agency,..blah blah blah, when I asked for their cell phone number,'s like.." i rather talk more with you online 1st..etc etc b4 I give you my cell phone number.. Tried asking for their personal email...they said "I don't have a email", or even if they do, they don't, or seldom answer you back if you write to their personal email.

    I bought their addresses through their agency and when I send stuff over to them, it was returned cuz no one collected it..., last but not least, I put my profile invisible and later decided to quit the site altogether,...surprisingly, a month or so later, I received new admiration letters, look, money talks BS walks, this site is all about scamming as much money from you as possible, it's true that money isn't everything when it comes to love, but question is,...are the girls on their site even real to begin with?

    Bob_3932June 21st, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to Damien @Damien I have met several ladies in China thru Chnlove. All were "real". I would usually write thru the agencies and after exchanging a few letters, ask for their personal (geren) e-mail or that of a friend which I usually rec'd. If their letter from the agency came back saying "I have no e-mail address. I would end the matter. Upon their personal e-mails I would ask for--and received their cell phones numbers to call when I arrived in China--no problem. I suppose it helps that I can read and write pinyin and speak basic Mandarin. Although I am an American.

    PS One lady after our first meeting asked me to send her USD$4, be careful

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    Alex_3087December 22nd, 2010

    Just average

    I contacted several ladies on Chnlove, some of them were able to contact me through personal email, but their English is not good, and the communication went slow. So the difference is whether or not she is really interested in you, or you are just one of her choices. If she is not willing to try, just run away, she has her choice and I have mine. It is just what we do in regular life. Reviewed by happykyle on . I think Chnlove is a great place for men to find the love of their life in China. The fact that you can search for women and browse their pictures for free is a great feature. Rating: 4