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I am an American who currently lives and works in China. I have lived here twice and once met a Chinese woman, fell in love and brought her to America and her daughter. It was a total disaster!!... But, I won't go into that. You can't judge all women by one bad one and you can't judge all Chinese women by one bad one. I will say Chnlove is one of the more expensive if not the most expensive site per letter. The trouble I found when I decided to join was the expenses that mount up and I don't mean to brag but I got over 400 emails.

I have been to China six times and think I know it pretty well… I came to China last year after meeting one on the site. There were honestly too many beautiful girls to choose from. Stupid me! I went to see this Chinese lady in Wuhan on National holiday from Chnlove. I did not recognize her at the airport!! Several year old photo, but the agencies seem to be the problem; paying for a translator at 600rmb per day, pay for this, that and everyone at the agency... To make a long story short, I ran into a few of the guys like me, white, older; from America, England, Australia, and Canada and they have no clue as to a how an average Chinese woman thinks!!

They think all Chinese women are very demurring and will never argue - boy! Are they in for a surprise and they don't know that in a Chinese marriage, the Chinese woman runs the family and I just stayed with a Chinese family first hand in Ningbo for two weeks! The wife is beautiful and is touchy-feely with me but she is the BOSS!! I love Chinese women - but, these poor older guys are desperate, have no clue to Chinese culture or can't even speak a line of Chinese and most ladies on Chnlove don't speak a word!!!... I found my Chinese lady in Wuhan didn't write those flowery emails and later she asked me for money to decorate her apartment ...and I said no ......I found out her hateful text messages to me were even bad in bad Hanzi or Pinyin Chinese !!

Bottom line - you have to be careful. I am sure some men have wonderful experiences and have married some wonderful Chinese-Asian women. I love Chinese women, but, would I marry one again? I really can't say. Chnlove puts all their testimonials on line about the men getting engaged and married...but, they don't put out the information of those that get divorced. Remember, Chinese women are different and are very beautiful but they are not China Dolls - bottom line: wish all men luck!! Be careful!!

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    NormanFowlerSeptember 17th, 2010

    Above average

    Why I talk to Chinese ladies through Chinalove: It saves me time and money. I got hit with a massive stroke ten years ago. Chnlove is better, than not talking to ladies at all. Why Chinalove uses all old photos of their ladies is a question mark to me. I insist on new ones. The looks are a generation older, but honest.

    I am not the man I used to be. Singles clubs are usually better than bars or pubs. You start talking right away in Chinalove without getting drunk, or wasting money on drinks. In my case I use Chinalove as mental therapy. The translators are humourous and intelligent. Joining the club is a friendship between three individuals. A menage a trois! Therapy costs! Chinalove provides at least a taste of love, sometimes more. After two years, I'm very happy with my friends at Chinalove.

    Norm in Vancouver
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    xiaobullMay 16th, 2010


    I had a bad experience. I already knew that this company was hiring women for answer the mails, even I know the girls posted there, a lot of times don't know about these mails, just a way to make money playing with your feelings, or they may will say: just a filter, the problem is that every possible that you can catch from the mails has not any relation with the real person. The mails are so cute even sometimes a little sexy, knowing from my experience (half and 3 years living there) that this is not in that way.

    We know the pictures are from Studio, very perfect and with a lot of Photoshop, but I would not believe that the profile also can be false. I try to contact with a girl thinking that she can speak English fluent, after two mails trying to pass the filter and the stupid mails that the agency sent, asking for a personal contact by webcam or messenger or telephone, they tell me she has not idea about to speak English, if I know Chinese would not be a problem.

    I also want to say here, that they charge to the girls a lot, one Chinese friend of mine have checked, and in Beijing they are charging: 88000RMB, nowadays around 10.000 EUR, that is not a joke, the matter is that they said they don't charge anything, other lie. Reviewed by buckeroo48 on . I am an American who currently lives and works in China. I have lived here twice and once met a Chinese woman, fell in love and brought her to America and her daughter. Rating: 3