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I have been a member of ChnLove for about a year. Like most readers here, I come to suspect it. While some of the members may be legitimate, I feel a good majority of these beautiful ladies posing very alluring in the same outfit may be part of a scam. As with most of the male members, I also was getting so many admiration mails that I had to make my profile invisible.

I hate the credit system. A credit to read a letter and also send a letter can get quite expensive. When they do respond, they make it seem like you are it. I met this one woman and we decided to exchange phone numbers. I did call her and we exchanged a basic conversation lasting about ten minutes. In one of my later letters, I mentioned the phone conversation and she was not aware she had even given me her phone number and that we talked. She blames this on us not corresponding for a while but how can you forget you gave someone your number whom you claim you want to be with. RED FLAG. I spoke about calling again but this time she did not think this would be a good idea since she claimed her English was not good although she spoke very good on the first phone call. Could I be dealing with two different ladies here......someone pretending to be the woman in the profile......I am thinking SCAM here.

I hear these women are supposed to be a bit conservative and shy, especially when corresponding with someone the first time. With another woman I met, I decided on my second letter to write the most provocative letter and I talked about sex, what I want to do with her and I used some rather raw language talking about every type of sex imaginable. I received a reply back from this woman and it was just as provocative as the one I sent. I said to myself "Damn!!" Although I received different pics of this woman, such as in her office, sitting with friends on a park bench aside from the usual studio pics, I cannot believe that this woman would actually correspond with such a raw letter in such a short time and use the "F" word also. I said to myself, no way. I am going to do it again to a different woman to see what happens. Try writing like this yourself and see the results. I smell RIP OFF!

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    Eric_4695December 31st, 2011


    I used and found the women of my dreams. She is so wonderful! Every place has scam artists. But I found most women to be legit. I always tried to get a personal email address to send pictures. Some said they didn't have one, that is when it's time to move on. Although I must say Chinese don't use too much email, they used an IM system called QQQ. Keep trying you just never know. I was very lucky, one of the first girls I contacted is now my wife. Excellent website, much better than
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    Rick1October 9th, 2011


    Hey Guys,

    This is Rick1. I recently submitted a comment on October 6 titled "I HATE THE CREDIT SYSTEM". I just wanted to go further into detail about the women on the site. As I mentioned, some may be used as a studio ploy to get men to pay their money in order to hopefully start corresponding with their fairytale lady, but some are legitimate.

    I forgot to mention that I did meet one lady that was very legitimate. She was not a super attractive woman, but I can say she was decent looking enough for me. Anyway, after about two letters we exchanged e-mail addresses. In her correspondence to me, she even agreed that the cost on ChnLove was expensive and she did not want to see me constantly paying for credits to talk through a translator when we could just communicate using our personal e-mail addresses. Makes sense to me and I thought very nice of her to point this out on her end. She did school me on the site and she said one thing to look out for is the level of English. If a woman says her English is FAIR, or even GOOD, they should be able to communicate with you after they feel comfortable with you; let's say after three letters through the agency if not more.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that if you find a lady that likes you and she says in her profile her English is GOOD or even FAIR, there is no need to constantly send messages through the site. The woman who I met and told me this had indicated in her profile that her level of English was GOOD. She is a nurse and I did not seek her out, but it was one of the many admiration mails I received. I decided to contact her because unlike the others, she was just plain and simple unlike the others, but overall a decent woman and educated.

    Although I communicated with her through our personal e-mails, I still attempted to find the lady of my choice on the site and based on my experiences, that is what made me decide to write the letter detailing my negativity about the site; but if you are lucky, maybe you will find somebody legitimate. Just give yourself a budget because based on what I have experienced, I still will say Red Flag, Scam and Rip Off for the most part.

    Thank you. Reviewed by Rick1 on . I have been a member of ChnLove for about a year. Like most readers here, I come to suspect it. While some of the members may be legitimate, I feel a good majority of these beautiful ladies posing very alluring in the same outfit may be part of a scam. Rating: 1