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Hi everyone. First time to use a feedback site but I have spent and lost money on this site so I feel an obligation to other to post my own experiences. I would classify myself as a well educated male, worldly and skeptical. And I got suckered as my trust and desires were misplaced. I have been on Chnlove for the past year. Sent many cupids and received a 100% response. Some I did not follow up as there seems to be a trend in the copywriting in the response. Not the same, but similar wishes etc hand in hand seems a common phrase used. I weeded out until I found one girl I thought had potential. She had a very nice photograph which I knew had been photo-shopped or in the old days we called in retouched. Oh I should let you guys know, I used to be a senior art director in one of the world’s leading ad agencies so I am used to seeing when a pic has been touched up.

We corresponded, or so I thought. The correspondence seems fine and I will say I believe the girl exists. The letters is obviously not her writing but “embellished” to the extreme. The girl said she could not read or write English and then I saw her profile posted up for the "call me line"or whatever they call it. So the obvious question is how does a girl who cannot read or speak English then entice other men to phone her? Impossible. Oh I should add a "small point", I had been told I was the only man she wanted and would not talk to any other man. I think any reasonable thinking person at this stage would have to say, I am being had. I have read the ways of doing business on the site and if I can believe what I read they say it is free for the girl to sign up and free for her to send a letter.

Having now read some other guys letters it seems that is in doubt as well as it seems the girls have been paying as well. The letters, well lets work that one through as well, the girl can be told anything the agency wants as they have complete control over the correspondence both ways.

My assessment is, I believe some girls exist. BUT I feel that we are being played off with each other to a certain level as it is obvious the girls are being used to entice men to make contact and spend money, great way to make money.

Is it a SCAM? Well there appears to be a certain amount of activity taking place (most is money making) so I cannot say it is a complete scam, but from my own opinion, I believe there is a high degree of misleading and deceptive conduct taking place.

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    John_5002March 20th, 2012


    Gary: Do other readers think Thailand ladies are good for marriage? I'm wanting a wife, and I'm 67, so I have to hurry. I thought Chinese girls were the best wives, but after reading this I'm not sure. Please tell me in your experience, what Asian women do you think best to marry and make faithful wives? I just divorced a Filipino wife, loved her, but boy was she argumentative, and cheap. She worked and when I asked her to pay only half of the utilities in my home, she couldn't believe it. She told me her family and Asian friends could not believe I expected her to help with utilities. She made same as my retirement and SS. She paid me 1/2 about every 4 months, one payment. I went broke by the time she left. So, Philippines is out.

    Now, to hear or reas these, China is out. The one I always heard was worst, Thais, someone said they were the best. I think they're the prettiest, the Thais. But:::The lady who gave me her email in a profile, who is from china, she I think works for Chnlove. Is it possible for a lady to put her email address in her profile? Is it possible or easy? I've tried to meet Chinese ladies in the United States, and avoid all these problems. But all I did when I joined, was to get my computer hacked, and hacked bad. That too was a waste of time, but the computer and privacy was horrible. The website only blocked me for complaining. That site is worst then Chnlove. I'd like some advice. I like advice. I'd go to a country but I do not want to go alone. If a group is going, let me know about that. Thanks,
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    John_5002March 20th, 2012


    I just found this site, and it is great. I've been dabbling in Chnlove for years. Everything said is true. It is a scam. I've only once paid, and I knew instantly it was a scam. They charged credits for everything, even when a lady wrote me a letter and I told her in my mail not to reply except to my email address. Otherwise, I never read it. I got about 5 letters to the Chnlove letter place. I just deleted them unread and they charged me credits for each one I deleted. Well, I wrote enough emails complaining and they gave me back my credits. But the next time I deleted more they took credits again. I complained until I finally decided it isn't worth it. It was a scam and I knew it. But, I received two profiles that had the ladies email in it.

    The first time we communicated for a year, and she even came to America to see her daughter in the best college for lawyers in the states. She took a picture at the college of both of them. I had ended it earlier due to some lies in her emails. Maybe I was wrong, but now I got another profile letter sent to me, and it too have an email address. Now I'm in a correspondence with her. I've again found discrepancies, but I'm not sure.

    I find no reason for the lady to write me for nothing. I do not pay for anything, but she says she sometimes pays the girl who translates. The translator wrote me telling me when I stopped writing to please write her. One lie and I stop, as you have to trust in a long distance relationship. Now what ya'll are saying is that the girls are honest, but being used by Chnlove. So the girls are paying. You said the girls are of poor decent. Some are prostitutes to survive. I'm well happy with a poor girl, rather have a poor girl. I'm also ok with a prostitute, if she's not lesbian, or doing it for fun. To support her family or life, I could love her in spite of that.
    Are you guys rich? How do you scrape up flights to China? I'd gone long ago, and I've though long ago that it'd be easier to go and walk the street and see a pretty poor girl and bring her to America. But, it takes so long. I'm interested in what ya'll say and I would love to be informed by you who have been to China. Would it be possible to just go and find a girl at Wal Mart or someplace like that in China? This is really important. One man said go to Thailand. He said the girls are better, traditional and honest, etc. I read Thai ladies were only wanting to play and have sex and marry but leave. Reviewed by Copperplug on . Hi everyone. First time to use a feedback site but I have spent and lost money on this site so I feel an obligation to other to post my own experiences. Rating: 3