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I first received admiration mail on Chnlove from a young lady name Stephy from Shenzhen in 2009. I liked her letter and profile. She was slim and attractive but not beautiful. She had no studio photos unlike many of the other ladies on Chnlove. Her letter seemed sincere. I decided to respond to her admiration letter in June, 2011. After a while, she was writing me 3-4 letters per week. She told me that she was sincerely interested in me and referred to me as her “future husband”. As the months passed, I asked her if she was interested in meeting me in person. She agreed that it would be a good idea. She suggested we meet during the spring festival of 2011. I was not able to meet at that time and I suggested we meet in March, 2011. Stephy said that she had no vacation time in March, but she was available every weekend. In our letters, we discussed plans for our meeting that included hiking, sampling many restaurants, riding a motor bike and bicycle, and sports.

As it turned out, I was not able to travel to China in March, but I had time in June, 2011. She said June would be fine for her, but the weather might be a little warm by then. She recommended that we hire a translator when we meet for the first time because her English skills were not very good. I agreed to that idea. She had no vacation in June, so we made plans to meet for two weekends. I told her I didn’t mind waiting for her during the week days.

Then on the night before my flight was scheduled to leave for China, I received a letter from Stephy. She said that she was worried that her work was becoming busy and she might not have much time to meet with me. After I arrived in China, I received another letter from Stephy. In this letter, she said she was busy working and would contact my hotel if she could find some time to meet with me. I was never able to meet with her on my first weekend in Shenzhen. On Saturday of the second weekend, I was sitting in my hotel room and received a phone call from a private translator. She told me that Stephy would be able to meet with me for lunch on Sunday, but I would be required to pay 100 RMB for the translation service.

I agreed to have lunch with Stephy and the translator on Sunday. When I met Stephy for the first time, the first thing I noticed was that she was fluent in English. The translator did not realize this and decided to leave for another appointment. Stephy and I went to a Mexican restaurant in Shenzhen. I found Stephy to be a delightful young lady. We had a nice time talking about many things over lunch. In several of her letters, she told me she had to go to the hospital to be treated for gastroenteritis. I asked her how her stomach felt and if she had recovered from the gastroenteritis. When I brought this up, she had a surprised look on her face and said she never had gastroenteritis. In another letter, she told me she played on her high school volleyball team. At lunch, I asked her if she liked to play volleyball and she said she had never played before. She said the ball hurt her arms. I had written to Stephy for almost a year, but I began to believe that the letters I received were not being written by Stephy. I think the translator was writing the letters. I did not bring this up with Stephy in our lunch conversation to avoid any confrontation. I showed her some of my photos, some of which I had previously sent to her. She didn’t recognize any of these photos.

I now believe I know what happened. I think that Chnlove probably contacted Stephy after I sent the first letter in June, 2010. Most likely she told them that she was really not interested in me and the translator decided to write me anyway. I don’t believe that Stephy was the one who decided to send me admiration mail.

After returning home, I wrote to Stephy at her private e-mail. I thanked her for having lunch with me and told her that I was interested in further communication. I have never heard from her again. In this experience writing to Stephy on Chnlove, I spent at least $1000 on translation fees and more money to travel to China.

There were several red flags that I should have noticed. In the letters, I asked Stephy to send me her private e-mail and phone number many times. She always refused to do this or ignored my requests. Her profile has about four photos on it. She sent me several other photos, but none were recent photos. She would never send me any recent photos.

Now I have not given up on the idea of finding a Chinese wife, but I will not be using Chnlove ever again. I will try to be more careful next time.

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    georgestubblefieldAugust 12th, 2011


    Any one that says this site is a fraud is a liar and a loser. My girl has visited me and we will marry if she will have me. This guy that talks bad about Chnlove has been ditched by a girl and as a result, he figures everyone is bad. Poor guy but terribly stupid. This is a legitimate site that helps lovers get together and be happy couples. They would never have found each other otherwise. Thanks to all the CHNlove people from a boy in Michigan. He might have got a bad girl, everyone is not good and chnlove cannot be responsible for that.

    Jeff_4443October 20th, 2011

    Below average

    Replied to georgestubblefield @george stubblefield You don't know everything, You have been lucky. I have seen problems with this site. I had 20 chats over 2 months with this one girl, she wrote me a letter saying "do you still remember me?". I just spoke with her 2 nights ago. Asked for phone number 3 times she says "she wants me and come over in usa for life with me". I asked her to go on yahoo chat, there's also live chat translation. She says she can't get on. Asked 4 others i don't do Chnlove chat no more. You want me go to yahoo here's my address. That's been 4 days so we'll see. Hate cupid system, it sucks money out of you. Trying not to do any more on this site, but love all the mail though. Chinese woman really want good men. Reviewed by lterbo on . I first received admiration mail on Chnlove from a young lady name Stephy from Shenzhen in 2009. I liked her letter and profile. She was slim and attractive but not beautiful. Rating: 1