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Better for women lists Chinese women who are seeking long-term relationships with men from around the world. There's a different system for men and women. Correspondence is initially handled via the site's translator; Men must purchase credits for the use of this service.

If you've happy buying lots of credits to chat then this site could work for you...

Asiame, aka Chnlove matches men around the world with single women in Asia for romance and marriage. The nearly six thousand women who have their profile featured are selected by overseas Chinese and other Asian agencies.

Getting Started

Signing up is free of charge and men can create a simple but descriptive profile in less than two minutes.

After joining, men are able to correspond with women on the site but will be charged a fee for doing so. As with other foreign marriage services, fees are charged per contact and so can work out quite expensive. There appears to be no way for women to join as it seems it's by invitation only.

Once you access the members' area you can set your profile to visible or invisible. If your profile is visible to others, be prepared for chat requests. Lots and lots of them. After creating my basic photo-less profile I was receiving chat requests every 30 seconds or so.

If you are invited to a live chat, you'll be able to open the chat window but won't be able to communicate until you buy some credits.

Neither will you be able to view additional pictures on other members' profiles until you have a valid, approved photo on your own - the option is there during registration however it can be skipped.

The Credit System

The site's credit system means there are no regular monthly fees, rather members pay only for those services they use, including making contact with women. After purchasing credits you can break the ice with a handy Cupid note or use the site's profile introduction service.

Credits are required for almost all activity on the site, including viewing video introductions, live chat, call services, emailing and sending gifts. Every email costs 1 credit. Cam chats cost 0.6 credits per minute.

With credits costing $1.99 each you can see that the cost soon starts to grow. Buying credit packs can work out slightly cheaper if you're very active on the site.

Cupid Date

To help break down cultural and language barriers, the site offers a Chinese/English language translation service to members for a fee. The translations service is offered for both telephone and personal dates.

There is a meeting organizer called "Cupid Date" which provides assistance in arranging meeting times with other people and allows you to keep track of who you've met and when.

If you use "Cupid Date" you will be charged $139 for each date - this includes a 90-minute translation service. In order to participate in Cupid Date, you will need to have completed an IMBRA form.

To help break down cultural and language barriers, the site offers a Chinese/English language translation

If you're not ready to meet in person , "Love Call" lets you schedule telephone dates with your chosen lady.

In Summary... is there if you're interested in the world of international dating and marriage. It provides all services from getting in touch with girls to arranging dates with assisted translation services.

The site responsibly briefs members on the policies concerning IMBRA, or the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act.

Men have to pay for each service. If you're very active, the charges for chat and correspondence can become high. But there are no regular membership fees and you pay only for what you use.

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  • Avatar

    pauljoseMay 17th, 2020


    Does any one know if this site is legit? Photos of women are all professional studio shots in skimpy outfits. How do you know if they are real & interested in you?
  • Avatar

    guest55November 9th, 2018

    Below average

    Ladies look good but is it real or anyone know?
  • Avatar

    rick.wilson52December 3rd, 2013


    This site is nothing but beautiful Chinese woman, you will never know the truth unless you are Chinese. Have had direct contact via with an ex Chinese police woman who said this business was a scam. She got with men who were married in US trying to marry her. Also every visit was not what she expected such as men in wheel chairs and handicap. She quit the service advising me the same.
  • Avatar

    moondusterMay 26th, 2013


    I've been a member of this site for 4 years now. I have seen what I consider the best and worst of the individual agencies. The site is central but the agencies are like franchises from my understanding. One girl was having issues with the site, they sold her profile to several other sites and she filed a complaint to the authorities. I feel I have been scammed by some of the agencies but with others I have met some very wonderful women and if there was an issue the agency's interpreter was very helpful. Like anything, reader beware.

    BentleyGTJuly 14th, 2013


    Replied to moonduster
    I'm READY TO EXPOSE their SCAM in MY OPINION. Does anyone want to join to STOP whatever is happening? My Contact upsmangary at yahoo com put in subject "STOP CHNLOVE".... Is anyone else experience the same? I have been on Chnlove over 5 years. I have meet a few women over three years ago but last two years seem like I can't get pass the translator or agency. I feel the women are real for most part. I am sure they do have some bait women.

    I have documented all letters and happenings. I am really had ...
  • Avatar

    samsonyeungFebruary 15th, 2013

    Above average

    well, rumor has it that many senior people have success dating younger Asian girls on it.
  • Avatar

    anny99November 24th, 2012


    l am an attractive kind of woman live in china, if you interested you can message me ok. l v ever on that site also.
  • Avatar

    SyedApril 16th, 2012

    Just average

    I think chnlove's ok, the overwhelming admirer letters were sent by the agencies. Remember they are matchmakers, so they pick up the men that match their ladies. You won't be charged if you don't reply. Most of the time, the ladies will know you after you've sent them an emf mail. By the way, there are honest agencies and dishonest translators. Be aware - there's always corruption where money can be made. Also, if you're an old man, don't pursue girls in their twenties, or you'll blame the agencies if they don't choose you in the end. Everyone's looking for something in their partner. Be practical - don't assume a dating site can solve all the problems you would encounter in real life dating.
  • Avatar

    robert_5065April 14th, 2012


    No money invested here. Somewhat entertained for that price. It may have been more obvious to me that is was fake as I did not put ANYTHING in the profile the emails are talking like I had told all about myself and posted photos (e.g., "I have read your profile very carefully and I feel something inside and I am wondering maybe you are the man I am looking for". Or "At the moment when l see your profile l know that it would be hard for me to move my attention from you").

    Compare the pics to ... 1% of match are studio pics .... 100% of chnlove are studio. I am guessing by the tone that men write some of their letters. I wonder if they are even overseas or in China. I was guessing a computer is sending letters out to whoever logs in. There does seem to be a flood of admirers within seconds of logging-in. Are we supposed to believe the talented nice-looking Chinese women will accept anyone? Just because of what? I thought there were more men than women anyway over there. Like the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Except for the beautiful doctor MD lady with the family owned manufacturing business ready for me to assume control-- i think she really did like me. And Fen Zhu (Profile ID: P226331) -- she is so hot and probably could telepathically tell we were a great match.

    Best luck to you all .. I hope your finally meeting will be the most gorgeous moments in your life because truly you I believe that you are the destiny of each other.
  • Avatar

    Will_4949March 7th, 2012


    I think they scammed me for a good thousand dollars or so over the past year. Long story short: I used the pay as you go email service extensively with this one girl, then I came to china for work. Once here, I insisted that she use my private email address, and by the way this was I think the third time I asked to start making contact outside of the site, with the other requests getting ignored. I received an email to my private address, then 2 more very short, quick and expensive emails that drained my chnlove account. I replied to the private email in broken chinese, then several times in english as well, with no replies. I went back to the chnlove website again and while my status was "online" this girl's pic popped up frantically and repeatedly, clearly in an attempt to pull out my credit card once again. If she was real and if she cared, she would use the email I gave her at least just to give some reason or anything at all about why we need to use the website. Dirty rotten scam if you ask me.

    Bob_4956March 9th, 2012


    Replied to Will_4949
    @Will Hello Will, well let me tell you about my experience with Chnlove. Back in 2009 I started talking with a Chinese lady from their website, after a couple of months of writing back and forth I decided to go to China and meet my lady friend in person. Well once I told her that I was coming over it seemed like there was a panic, but I didn't pick-up on it at the time. I bought my plane ticket (took 3 planes to get there and 25 hours of flight) and arrived at the airport in China. My ...
  • Avatar

    JessFebruary 8th, 2012


    I have been communicating with a beautiful girl named Amy Yi from Fushun for six months on Chnlove. She caught my eye immediately and she is the only girl I have ever found online and the only one I have wrote to. I travelled to Fushun to meet her and she met me at the airport in Shenyang but it was not her, it was a lady who works at the YongBang agency posing as her. This woman's photo is actually on the Yongbang website. Her boyfriend Ryan who's photo is also there drove me back to Fushun to my hotel for 300RMB. I wanted to believe she had aged in the last "three years" since her photos were taken but on the second night I knew it was just a scam even though she was not bad looking, she was not Amy. I emailed Chnlove about it and they replied that they had sent an email to the agency to confirm or deny my suspicions. Thanks a lot Chnlove! They were supposed to call me at 7pm and never did. I will never try online dating again as I have pretty good success with local girls but I have to admit Chinese are my favorite, maybe one day. Amy if you really ever got my messages please get a hold of me.

    Philip_4883February 14th, 2012

    Just average

    Replied to Jess @Jess I'm sorry you experienced that. I hope you've finally met Amy as you expected. I've had problems with meeting ladies as well. After 6 months of communication online, we decided to meet in person. At first, I thought she was quite nice and decent. But after the agency had left and we were alone, she started to ask for money for parents, for a wedding and for other things. And they weren't small amounts either. We had discussed this issue before - I told her I didn't have much money, and she understood. I am confused why women always say one thing and do another! Anyway, the agency tried to help me communicate with her but it didn't work out. In fact, even the manager thought that she wasn't very sincere, so they hid her profile on chnlove. I was quite disappointed, but the agency was so kind as to introduce other ladies to me and I ended up falling in love with one of them. We even spent 7 days together traveling around the city and to her hometown. We're now married and she's almost got her visa sorted. You never know what life will offer, but just give it a try, and you'll see a difference and find hope! 2.23 144 A review of Asian Dating. lists Chinese women who are seeking long-term relationships with men from around the world. There's a different system for men and women.