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  • Avatar

    GeanaJuly 20th, 2015


    Marriage is a sacred bond if your not happy get the **** out !!! Anyone that can
    Cheat on their spouse is a heartless human being . What the **** is this world
    Coming to? All the hurt and pain it causes, you not only hurt's your spouse but what all the family and friends ? There's always two sides to every story so while this person is telling you about their sexless mariage wouldn't it be nice to know why their not getting any? Don't you people ever worry about disease's
    That you can catch ?
  • Avatar

    Latina333June 4th, 2015


    Ugh ladies don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm in my happy marriage for over 11years now and I don't mind hubby playing outside. For many years it's been embedded in us that men should not cheat; and if he does he doesn't love you. Men are more prone to cheat because it's in their nature.

    As long you have a mutual understanding of the can and the cannot do, than you should be find oh but that's right, we are naturally wired to get all emotional and butt hurt about it, especially when society keep reminding us, that is immoral.

    I'm not saying that all men should cheat/play but I assure you they all want to, whether they act on it or not. If we would truly put those touchy feelings aside and understand the affairs of men, they don't come close enough to why "women" would cheat, remember we are wired differently. Most affairs for men is the physical aspect while we might wear our hearts on a sleeve they don't.

    Now I'm not saying women don't cheat just because but I'm just saying that when a man cheats it does not mean your marriage is completely over because again his reasons my not be the same reasons why we as women might do it.The more open you are about your marriage, the more fun it is.
  • Avatar

    carlmeMay 26th, 2014


    WARNING! Sleazy

    It's easy to register, but you have to pay to completely remove your profile. It will cost you $50 to contact even one person. It is OK place if you want to hook up with married women, and if you are a sex star.

    Realize that most are married and every cheating person will eventually get caught. If you like to bring her over to your place or pay for a hotel, and you realize that it is an will only be sex, then I guess that this place is OK.
  • Avatar

    lucylApril 3rd, 2014


    Ashley Madison is like a city of Gomorrah and Sodom. As how God judged those sinful cities, God will judge you too Noel Biderman. You are a trash and virus for the society for making this road for those who want to cheat on their spouse. Be ashame of yourself for being born as human but living like a trash. For you all you need is just money and don�,´t care which family will be destroyed.
  • Avatar

    terryhNovember 18th, 2013


    I don't know why they need a website that is based on the goal of cheating on your better half. Do they not think there is enough infidelity going on already? I can understand that those in a bad domestic situation might get help here but there are other ways to go about it.
  • Avatar

    alice83May 12th, 2013

    Just average

    It sounds like you get a lot using this site specially that you get to set the mood of the date you want to have, that is like an extra, not every site has that kind of service.
  • Avatar

    Joycem9May 12th, 2013

    Just average

    Call me square but I don't really like these kind of sites, I'm not a religious fanatic but I believe that long lasting faithful relationships are good in the society we live, and extra marital relationships can lead to many problems and cause lots of suffering. However I am not surprised that this kind of publicity only brings more and more people to join.
  • Avatar

    ShastaOctober 4th, 2012


    I used it years ago...three approximately. I went back on the website recently and found pics of many of the women I saw three years ago. Only this time, their faces were slightly obscured. I once paid $50.00...crazy to send messages. The next thing I know the same profile is changed from my City to Dallas. Look closely at the fine print and you will see that if you do not elect out of their "active" marketing plan you will get all of these women eager to meet you. AM calls a marketing test where they send you fake requests by needy women!
  • Avatar

    GrantTaylorApril 21st, 2012


    AM is a total scam. I paid and all I got were collect messages. To quit, you have to pay to delete your profile. As sketchy as it is, invest your time in AFF, people.

    Dana8May 15th, 2013

    Just average

    Replied to GrantTaylor Been meaning to create a profile at ashleymadison, but after reading a few comments like yours I have my doubts, I mean, I am just curious about it since I really think it is messed up looking for a married man.
  • Avatar

    claudejoseMarch 13th, 2012

    Just average

    What is a smooth & funny way to find out if a female friend has a boyfriend??
Ashley Madison 2.75 145 A review of Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison offers a discreet online service for anyone considering dating outside of their existing relationship.