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Hi, I am reviewing Ashley Madison because this site saved my life. I liked the ease of keeping my profile and pictures private until I found a man I felt comfortable sharing them with.

I met one man, 70 years old. We are currently enjoying a wonderful sexual relationship. I told him the other day that this is simply a surrogate relationship. Neither one of us plans on leaving our spouses to whom we have been married for decades. We each have valid reasons for being in the affair, no sex at home, and no possibility of sex at home, but not wanting to destroy the stable environment we live in. We are surrogates to each other because we love our spouses, but for reasons out of our control can no longer have the intimacy that is a very basic human desire. So as, surrogates, we enjoy what we once enjoyed with our loved one.

He picks beautiful hotels for us to enjoy our time in. We don't go out, we don't eat dinner, lunch or get coffee. Both of us need privacy and discretion. This is purely about the experience of being with someone we are very attracted to.

I feel alive again, and he feels young again. It is beautiful. It would become ugly and sordid if our spouses found out. But as long as it remains hidden, it may be a guilty pleasure, about which I have no guilt. If our roles were reversed, I would hope my husband would find pleasure with another woman. As long as I could not give him intimacy, I would want him to seek it out, as long as I remained the woman he loves.

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