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Ashley Madison's app is a service offering people the ability to date outside of their marriage or existing relationship. It also lets singles date people who're already in a relationship.

This app provides access on the go to users of Ashley Madison's discrete dating service.

Getting Started

To use the app you just create a new account from the home page and then you'll be able to download and sign in. It's is available for iPhone or Google Android.

Being designed for phone use, the app has some additional features that the website does not. The most notable difference is that it lets you do rapid searches. It also lets you swipe through photo profiles giving a quick yes or no. It does seem to improve results based on your preferences.

Just like the website, you only need to pay if you decided to communicate with anyone. The twist though is that only men pay. Women can communicate on the app and pretty much do everything for free.

If you are a man and want to send messages you'll need to purchase one of the credit packages. The introductory package will cost $57.99.

That gives the ability to communicate with other people, male or female.

The credit packages can get quite expensive, especially if you are sending lots of messages. Though on the plus side there are no monthly subscriptions, so you only pay for what you use. If you don't automatically select otherwise the package will renew once your credits have been used up. To opt out of this you can switch off repeat billing through the auto renewal setting.

There's an add on extra called Member Initiated Contacts. When you buy this upgrade, it means you won't use up your own credits if someone else contacts you first - that is, if they initiate the contact and you want to reply to them.

The most notable difference is that it lets you do rapid searches.


The easy photo capture lets you upload photos from your phone and add them in your profile. You have full control over privacy settings so that photos can be for general viewing, where anyone logged in can see them. Alternatively, it lets you store pictures in a private locker. With a private locker, if anyone wants to view those photos, they'll need to ask your permission.

Not surprisingly, many people are hesitant to display face photos because that might alert others to their presence on the website. For that reason, a lot of general photos are body shots without faces - or some even have digital photo masks to hide their identity.

When people search, your profile settings are factored in and determine whether you appear or not.

Other Profile Settings

The settings under the profile tab let you define the kinds of relationships you're open to. In the perfect match section you can say what turns you on and what doesn't. It lets you add personal interests, wishes and desires. While it isn't obligatory to fill these sections, doing so will give you the best chance of success with the app. In addition to letting others know what you're about, when people search these things are factored in and determine whether your profile appears or doesn't.


Ashley Madison exists due to their ability to provide a relatively safe and anonymous way for people who want to see someone else on the side. Of course, people use regular dating apps to search for these kinds of relationships as well. But the advantage of a service such as this is that there's no room for misunderstandings.

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