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I was scammed by a 'girl' despite her having a so called 'confirmed' profile. I have written and verbal proof. This is how it was done. The lady joins Anastasia Date and has her details checked by an agency of her choice. By checked i mean that the agency copies details of the ladies passport, which is all well and good, but this is as far as the checks go, the agency cannot and does not check the ladies occupation, whether she is married or anything else she writes on her profile. Some ladies then sell their profile to the highest bidder.

So then a third party uses that profile to chat to men. The third party gets paid by the agency 'cash' to chat to guys. The proof i have that some of the agencies pay the girls is this. There are agencies advertising on VK [a sort of Russian facebook] for girls photos and profiles. They offer a free makeover [ hence the great photos] and cash for chatting to men and more cash for translation and exchange of photos. A friend of mine married a girl from this site and she confirmed she was paid cash to chat to him, and they tried to stop her leaving the site.

There are genuine ladies on this site but its very hard to tell. My advice is this. First before you chat to any profile look at it very carefully. If her photo does not have the little flower symbol below it be careful, it means you cant send her flowers, hence no photo of her receiving them.

If you have been chatting to a girl for a while and your getting on fine, and she makes all sorts of excuses to not exchange her private contact details, again be very suspicious, think, why not? probably because she is getting paid to chat to you, she might well be interested in you, but of course she would prefer to get paid to chat to you. I had one girl who kept sending me photos [i didnt open] of what she ate for supper, and it costs 15 credits to open or send photos, thats up to $15 per photo, that means it actually costs more to send a photo of what you ate than actually buy the food , ha ha.

They do cam share on this site that costs 2 credits a minute, but its not as it seems, its not live cam share but a video that your watching, try waving to her and see if she waves back?The cheapest way to get a girls contact details is to phone her through the site, this costs 100 credits for 10 minutes!!!

There is an almost free way however, for some reason the site does not block you exchanging postal addresses by letter, but will sometimes block you on chat. So my advice to you is to write to your lady in the old fashioned way and then send her flowers yourself.

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