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Just to give you a heads up.

I was communicating also with this girl - just like WEEKENDRIDER.

Same experience. Worse actually. Visited here 4 times. Got to first base with some tongue kissing during our last meeting one night at the IBIZA nightclub. So that was good.

However, in December this year I got a tip off she was on another dating site. I then became a bit curious. I had noticed she took way too long to answer simple questions on the chat line when we spoke. So I had a friend log on and invite her to chat at the same time as me. I then asked Olga if she was talking to anyone else. "NO DEAR - ONLY YOU."

Which of course was not the case. So Olga was engaged in a little "double dipping". Really poor behaviour to keep me on line using credits as she spoke to someone else at the same time. A practice I am certain she was engaging in long before I set my little trap.

We live and learn. To catch a cheat unfortunately sometimes we have to be a cheat.

Good luck out there.

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