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I had exactly the same experience:

I also was given her private email address : m****

We exchanged photos and so on. She even sent me pictures of her family Christmas in Kotovsk Town.

Very very sweet girl. Until I was advised of her presence on ukraine - online -

Wow.....what an eye opener.

She will have any one come and visit her. I live in Denmark and visited her 4 times. Even got a couple of small kisses on the lips. So I thought - this is looking good.

But a little too good.

One evening, curious about the long delays in replying to simple questions like: "how is the weather"? I finally found out if she was talking to two people at one time. Very easy to do it seems. And indeed she was.

The really devastating thing for me, however, was when I asked her one evening on the chat line if she was chatting to someone at the same time as me. Her answer: "NO DEAR, ONLY YOU."

What OLGA did not know is a buddy of mine was logged on and chatting with her at the same time. GOT YA BABY!!!!!

Double the credits and double the return for OLGA's work that night.

Watch out guys. Butter would not melt in her mouth. She will eat you and your wallet alive.

Take care

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