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Helping Latin women and foreign men connect with one another for romance leading to marriage. It's owned by Anastasia International, a company that operates several other foreign marriage websites. AmoLatina offers all of the services needed for those seriously interested in embarking on a foreign relationship.

Amo Latina is for anyone seeking to meet women/men beyond the borders of their own country.

If you've always dreamed of meeting an exotic Latin beauty, "Amo Latina" might help you fulfil that dream. This site, which was launched in 2007 originally as Latinwomensite, already claims a sizable database of attractive ladies from Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia.

Who are the members?

The women are seeking to meet and possibly marry a foreign man, and in some cases to leave their homeland. Amo Latina uses a credit system, whereby interested men signup for free, and purchase credits to use certain features on the site.

For example, viewing profiles is free, however sending or reading an email will cost 1 credit. In this way, you only pay for services that you actually use on the site and don't pay for those you don't need.

Getting around

The site is quite easy to navigate and offers all of the features one would expect, such as an extended searching tool, email communication, video profiles and favorite lists. The search tool allows you to specify geographic location, physical appearance, religion and age among other things.

It allows you to sort the result by "beauty"! Though it's not clear how this works exactly. A phone translation service is provided should there be any language difficulties. Delivery of flowers and even assistance with travel arrangements can be provided, should you decide to meet your chosen partner.

Does it work?

Amo Latina, is a reputable foreign bride agency, and though they have only been recently established already have numerous testimonials from happy customers.

With its pleasant design, clear pricing and an impressive gallery of female members, Amo Latina is certainly a viable choice for those seeking to meet women/men beyond the borders of their own country. The site displays a contact address and telephone number, and provides 7 day customer support should you experience any difficulties.

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  • Avatar

    BossJuly 13th, 2011


    Wow i was ready to buy points to see if i can talk to these women with hopes of leading into a serious relationship, because the women in my town (el paso) are garbage. But after reading the reviews for get it. I guess the hunt continues...

    korinthdanApril 28th, 2014


    Replied to Boss Try not thinking of a human being as "garbage" and you might have better luck.
  • Avatar

    algebraFebruary 22nd, 2011


    Paid $96 for points which were all gone before I knew it. I managed to write 2 girls and gave them my email address. I only got to read one response as all my points were gone so fast. Her response was she couldn't email me because my email was blocked! BS! And I was getting dinged for simply opening the generic machine generated emails from like 30 girls. And the one response I did get was a scammer . . . talking about marriage etc in the first email! All I had suggested was a coffee. I cancelled my credit card immediately as I didn't trust these aholes! This is a scam! Run away fast!

    xav921June 18th, 2011


    Replied to algebra @al gebra you know if the ones with the videos are fake too??
  • Avatar

    jj_3091December 23rd, 2010


    I tried to talk to a few ladies on this site, and all they do is ignore you anyway! I can't stand it!
  • Avatar

    Joe_2881November 3rd, 2010


    I agree with the guy before me... same messages all the time. In fact I received 2 mails from 2 different girls who constructed a 50 word sentence that was identical in every respect, including capitalization and punctuation. Hmmmm, they were not even from the same town. I complained to AmoLatina, and they asked for the girls ID's... I told them why, they already know who they are..

    The real ladies are 40 ~ 50 plus... Just look at the parties they arrange and the quality of the girls that turn up.... not a gorgeous model in sight... that should explain everything!! The young ones are there to keep you interested only and to spend money... don't waste your time.

    Scam site... 100%
  • Avatar

    finnrSeptember 25th, 2010


    My first thought was: this site is fake. I bought credits to read some of the messages I received, I received loads of messages from women "interested" in me. All messages are the same, doesn't matter if they are from a 20 years old Brazilian girl or a 40 year old Colombian woman. All the messages were very generic, and had comments about my "fascinating profile" even though my profile does not have any text at all. Stay away from this SCAM. And, a very expensive SCAM.
AmoLatina 0.91 11 A review of AmoLatina. Helping Latin women and foreign men connect with one another for romance leading to marriage. It's owned by Anastasia International, a company that operates several other foreign marriage websites.