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I went with Altscene because it was one of the first ones that came up and it was free, (And yes, you do get what you pay for.) The site has A LOT of inactive profiles. Some look like they perhaps just created the profile to reply to someone specific and then bailed. Others look like the doodlings of drunk, lonely people who forgot they even put the thing up there. Then, as another reviewer mentioned, you have “The Regulars”.

If you hang there long enough you will quickly realize that the same number of people are almost always on there without fail. And much like that beautiful but supposedly haunted murder house that has the insane “too good to be true” listing price, there’s a reason why they’re always there.

As it turned out I did end up meeting one of my replies in person for a date, such as it was. The person I ended up meeting went by the screen name ‘ApothicAmber’. I settled on her because she was in my area and we seemed to have a lot in common.

It didn’t take long for my Spider-Sense to start tingling though as I started catching her in all kinds of little lies. Plus I could tell that all time she was talking to me and doing her best to puff up my ego she was also doing the same simultaneously with other guys, (and girls) on Altscene.

And when I finally met Amber I understood why. First off her pictures were horribly out of date as her bad teeth, greasy hair and white trash aura confirmed.

And you could tell she did more than smoke bud by all the speed bumps/ meth acne she had. She also accused every other guy she had been with before of taking advantage of her somehow while in the same breath she would boast and brag about how she’d use people she’d met on Altscene, (And other dating sites), to bring her cigarettes, drugs and money and that she’d also regularly shoplift from the local Walmarts and Targets by stuffing high dollar items into the undercarriage of the shopping cart and just walking out with them.

Eventually Amber became bored with me when I wouldn’t play her game and bring her stuff too so she cut me lose in a fashion similar to flipping a light switch. No harm, no foul there. Actually it’s quite nice when toxic people stop talking to you. It’s like the trash took itself out. But before I deleted my Altscene account I did notice she’s still up there catfishin’ away. So fellow lonely Guys and Gals beware!

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    dancingpurplemeteorsOctober 20th, 2018


    The Doc tells no lies! I spoke to this skagg back in late Aug/ early Sep. She was pretty dicey. I'm a gay girl and she told me she was bi. We messaged and exchanged email/ Facebook. All the time she keeps talking about how she's broke and stuck in Orange with sick kid. Could I help? I felt bad for her and alm,ost did. Then I saw on her FB she put up a big thing she's in a relationship with some guy from Irvine who'd been bringing her stuff. I called her on it and she was shady as ****. Said she llikes to keep her options open. When I told her I don't mess around with men she said he'd never have to know. Taht was the end of our chats. I saw on her FB she's "engaged" to this guy now. Wow, good luck dude making a housewife out of a ho. She even puthe was "in a relationship" with the guy on Sept 7 but on Sept 10 she's checking her box by Altscenes counter! Real solid relationship there!
Altscene Reviewed by DrArcane on . I went with Altscene because it was one of the first ones that came up and it was free, (And yes, you do get what you pay for.) The site has A LOT of inactive profiles. Rating: 0.2