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A free dating and social site for gothics, punks, metal heads and other alternatives. Inside you can access email, send flirts, create friend groups, and search for others by music interest.

Despite the dodgy sounding name, Altscene, is a free meeting site for anyone following an alternative lifestyle.

What You'll Find

Altscene is for goths, punks, emos, metalheads, rockers, and skaters who're looking for romance. It welcomes just about anyone who doesn't fit-in with conventional trends.

Altscene could be the answer if you're looking for a soul mate but haven't found yourself fitting into the stereotypical format of regular dating sites.

Posting About Yourself

As well as new friends who follow their particular music or lifestyle interest, you can post yourself as interested in dates. As a member you can send email, flirts or friend requests to increase your social circle. If you wish, you can list favorite bands and music style and in doing so connect with others who share the same tastes as yours.

Meeting People

The quick search box allows search by location, gender, sexuality, age-range and favorite music. If you can't quite think of that band or music type, the tool will make suggestions based on the first few letters you type. There's also a community chat room and a lively forum where users can freely discuss topics of their choice. All services are free, including full communication with other members.

Altscene is a non-mainstream dating site that will attract a certain cult following. The feeling on the site is appealing and intuitive, and it doesn't overwhelm you with a plethora of tools and options.

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  • Avatar

    DocHollidayMarch 20th, 2021


    Shallow, infantile, arrogant, ignorant, creepy, pervy and judgemental are some words that have been used to describe this site.

    When I was younger the Alternative community were a lot different to what they are today. Back in my day they'd randomly come up and speak to you and have a good ole banter. Nowadays you have to look a certain way, be a certain waist size, certain hair colour and no mental or physical health issues at all.

    I am Autistic with PTSD, educated, average looking Romany traveller. But I'm treated like utter garbage.

    I'm 40 and have had 18/19 yr old guys trying to chat to me when I say that I have two kids their age and I'm not interested - yet the hormonal little sods still push their luck.

    But it's not just them, a lot of men on there are disrespectful towards women (not sure what it's like for the men on that side of things).

    Takes forever for you photos to be approved by mods as well. Oh, and if you send too many messages in one day then you are accused of spamming by the site... No, I was talking to one person and were telling each other that dating Ted Bundy would be safer.

    On a final note: A few have mentioned about people stalking their profile yet ignoring messages or not sending messages. This is purely narcissistic and creepy behaviour. Girls, it also tells you what sort of guy he is... Never trust a profile stalker.
  • Avatar

    Carly96March 15th, 2021

    Just average

    Its an alright site but a lot of girls aren't really using it anymore and as a ****, it is hard to find that kind of interaction there it seems, its more of a sausage fest but there are some attractive males on there for sure. I have spoken to some weird people on there for sure and some people that seem like they are a bit too cuckoo. I will give it a go again myself and see if I find some genuine, likeminded people or if that fails.. flings lol.
  • Avatar

    EmoSkullBoyMarch 16th, 2020


    Most of the Girls on this Site are plain Mean plus they only join to friendzone people your joining a Dating site if you wanna find friends go to Facebook its the worst Dating Site plus i just get only views and no messages i use to get a message or 2 few years back when girls actually cared plus most of the Girls in my Area of Texas Dont want me and most Girls say there looking then when u ask they just block you or just leave you on unread.
  • Avatar

    DocHollidayApril 17th, 2018


    What a crock of utter ego driven utter****e. This is by far the worse dating site I have ever been on!

    If you're not showing a large amount of cleavage, wearing more make up to out do Coco The Clown, living it up with the good ole trout pout and blonde - as a female - you get ignored.

    I cannot comment on the man's side of things ... But I am sure they have similar issues.

    Alot of ignorant a-holes on there as I have sent messages after they stalk my profile and they don't reply.

    Watch out for the emotionally unstable, paranoid types as well. And finally the 27-30 yr olds who act like the big men and belittle the women on there. For example: I cannot have anymore children due to it being a risk to my life, and some 27 yr old messaged me to say that I had no right to tell men whether they can or cannot have kids!

Altscene 0.73 11 A review of Altscene. A free dating and social site for gothics, punks, metal heads and other alternatives. Inside you can access email, send flirts, create friend groups, and search for others by music interest.