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  • Avatar

    ALEXOTIENOOWUORFebruary 3rd, 2018


    Looking for a true love a person who will be there for love and later after experience in the relationship we can get married.
  • Avatar

    FLORENCEJanuary 29th, 2018


    It all takes u knowing what u want. i joined this site and it was good till i logged out. would luv to be on line again.
  • Avatar

    mesterlDecember 6th, 2017

    Just average

    I want to know how to meet someone in the same place as me. How do i do it?
  • Avatar

    HuntAugust 7th, 2017


    Yeah this site suck u see the woman u may like to talk to so u msg them and somebody responds back once u start chatting its all about sending money western union so to shut that person on the other end down tell them u want to video call on whatsapp and Presto like magic they disappear . It's a dammed scam for real .
  • Avatar

    AfroMarch 7th, 2017


    Legendary Koollife James Kolawole Spoken about Western Men who trade African women for their nude pictures, Koollife Said i cannot stand men that have disrespect for women at first meet. If anyone ask for your nude, ask him for 1 billion dollars as trade. i believe your body should be more treasure and cover you dignity over internet because internet is not a safe place to trade your nude images .. I cannot stand men that disrespect women at first meet especially African women... if any man wants a lady nude at lease you need time to develop the relationship and serious commitment before requesting for nude etc... woman that trade nude pic at first meet are scammer or prostitute
  • Avatar

    sizzlaharnsFebruary 27th, 2017

    Just average

    There are many of them in town. But to have the true LADY is not easy.
  • Avatar

    nathDecember 28th, 2016

    Below average

    Am new to these site,actually i want to say i love afrointroduction a lot because, it helps the singles to connect and times get married. please am urging these girls on the site, to be true to their selves and cultivate the fear of God in their heart.
  • Avatar

    fisheradam80December 23rd, 2016


    i want to meet some pretty lady and to share my opinon with another people
  • Avatar

    AristarickSTarimoJune 8th, 2016

    Above average

    Am searching for black lady< Christian, matured with true love to marry.
  • Avatar

    sandrineSeptember 25th, 2015

    Below average

    mmmm i dont even know what to say here... this is saying this and that is saying that? am new here and have met a couple of guys but can say neither of them is serious...
    we think men are her for sex and women for money but not all are the same... you might find
    your lady and you might also find your man....we all just have to be careful that's all...
    if a man asks to see your naked pic don;t do it.. he can go to **** and if a woman asks for your money don't give her, she can also go to ****...
    me i don't trust any dating site but just trying my luck... who knows, i might find him...
    i hope i can find true friends here then we can start from there....
AfroIntroductions 2.72 55 A review of AfroIntroductions. AfroIntroductions aims to connect people of African descent with other Africans or others who want to meet them. They have members seeking friendship, foreign marriage or dating.