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AfroIntroductions is a waste of money if you are looking for love.

I am searching in Ghana because I'm relocating to Ghana. Initially I thought it was great. I was getting messages from some very attractive woman with interesting profiles. I could not go online without almost instantly getting numerous interests and being favorited. Messages soon followed.

I noticed that very few of the women bothered to view my profile.

After the initial hellos, they quickly want to switch to another form of communication (WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.). This is where they play the games. They instantly love you. They will send a gang of pictures, usually expressing some form of sexually prowess. They are usually of lighter skin (too light for Ghana). And, they are dime pieces (10's or above on a scale from 1-10).

Out of approximately 350 contacts in a two month period, all but four asked for money. Those women were in the USA, Canada, and South Africa.

To give you an idea, I am African-American who resides in the USA. I'm in the engineering field and I put my income bracket on the site. I'm single with no children.

Here's what's interesting, when I changed my profile to African and the location to Ghana, I received very little traffic.

I was asked for medical bill money, airtime, internet bill payments, a car, apartment rental, money for foodstuffs (groceries), etc. And, though Afro does post warnings and advice about these scams, they do very little when you report the policy abuses even when I reported the fake profiles with the websites where the fake photos are stolen from.

I have developed a routine of reverse image searching. This is a good one because it searches three sites at once. Nine out of 10 of the women are guys using Instagram or other hijacked photos. Sunyani seems to be the hub of the fraud.

Also, Google Messenger can be an asset. If their phone number is associated with Messenger you may be able to get a name and the associated Facebook page.

As I stated when I started, AfroIntroductions is a waste of money. I did find four true friends, but no love.

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    BrockleyMarch 31st, 2021


    I've just written a review about afrointroductions that is similar to others. During the first lockdown I spoke to approximately 120 women from the site, (my first impression was I didn't know there were so many beautiful women from Ghana or Nigeria) only 3 of them didn't ask for money or try to SCAM me with tales about family members needing heart surgery or money for funerals or other tales of woe, infact many of those women were actually guys. I complained to the site many times about this but they're not interested. I ended up talking with one of the women who tried to scam me she said either this or we don't eat. I've met a good woman now so hopefully I'll never have to use these sites again
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    FlorSeptember 24th, 2020

    Just average

    Im Asian and was not actually looking for romance but then I was contacted by this guy thgough Instagram and we connected. After 3 weeks , he started asking for money but then I already trusted him. Im new ti talking with people online so I never really listen to my gut about being scammed when he started asking money. Anyway, I found out about him when I used reverse imaging to check if his photos are real and I was shocked to learned that the pictures he sent to me have been uused in different scams under different names. Also, one photo of him has the logo of this dating site. I think maybe is using a real photo of himbut posing under different names to trick women or he is using a stolen photo to scam people. Either way, I think there are many well-intentioned men in these site but there are also scammer lurking. Its just sad because I really thought I was talking to a real person but then in the end, its a fake story tgat I was falling inlove with. Sad.
AfroIntroductions Reviewed by RDC on . AfroIntroductions is a waste of money if you are looking for love. I am searching in Ghana because I'm relocating to Ghana. Initially I thought it was great. Rating: 1.7