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I can't say anything bad about afrointroduction. I actually like it there. There are silly uneducated Europeans there and very very classy Europeans too. Being an educated woman I know my worth and I'm clever enough to tell the real from the fake.

I've met 2 men on the site, the 1st lived in uae and we had the best connection, yes I got to travel alot with him and I always tried to pay for my own ticket and he always declined. The second came to Nigeria to see me and I found out that he came to see 6 of us, like 1 Nigerian girl isn't a handful (lol).

I'm chatting with some people from that site, all nice ,all have their charms except 1, an American that keeps calling me a niggar because I rejected his offer, doesn't offend me, I run a company in lagos and I need my strenght to handle my staff. Stupidity has no colour or race. But I will advice anyone on that site not to chat for too long, if you want entertainment go to the movies , read a book or run in the rain but don't waste each other's time.

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